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Jeff Sessions Promises To Make Black Lives Matter Less Than Ever

He's going to protect and serve minority communities to death.

Jeff Sessions is moving all the pieces into place to kick the war on minority communities back into high gear:

Law enforcement officials say that Sessions and [Stephen H.] Cook are preparing a plan to prosecute more drug and gun cases and pursue mandatory minimum sentences. The two men are eager to bring back the national crime strategy of the 1980s and ’90s from the peak of the drug war, an approach that had fallen out of favor in recent years as minority communities grappled with the effects of mass incarceration.

Eager? Why eager? Crime is down in this country and studies are quite clear that mass incarceration is bad on every conceivable level. So why be eager about a proven failure of a strategy? Could it be because two white supremacists are eager to use American law enforcement to terrorize minority communities?


Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered Justice Department officials to review reform agreements with troubled police forces nationwide, saying it was necessary to ensure that these pacts do not work against the Trump administration’s goals of promoting officer safety and morale while fighting violent crime.

"Troubled police forces" translates to "police departments that were found to be unbelievably racist." The Obama DoJ put rules in place to get them under control and Jeff Sessions would very much like for that course correction to go away. After all, if the police aren't terrorizing minority neighborhoods, how do we keep them from getting uppity?

And terrorizing minority neighborhoods is exactly what we're talking about. How do we know? Because when Jeff Sessions and his new Overseer talk about America's nonexistent explosion in crime, they don't talk about the opioid epidemic that's ravaging white communities, they talk about the comparatively slight increase in homicides in cities like Chicago. They might as well be announcing that the "War on Drugs" will not be waged on white America no matter how bad it gets. Your taxpayer dollars will be directed almost exclusively to destroy as many black and brown lives as possible.

The worst part about this going to be when the police, already offended at all the public outrage at their abuses, settle back into their original role as government sanctioned terrorists with a vengeance. If you don't think there's thousands upon thousands of "bad apples" just itching for a little payback for being called racist murderers, you haven't been paying attention.

Only slightly less awful is the fact that this is exactly what we knew was going to happen. This is why identity politics matter to the left. Sure, the communities that are about to be brutalized want economic justice, too, but economic justice isn't going to be the first thing on their mind when they're having their head stomped in by the police because they made eye contact. Seriously, making eye contact with a cop is dangerous if you're the wrong color. 

Maybe the next time we run a less than pure candidate, some of us can take a moment to remember the long list of black and brown bodies we're about to bury and communities about to be torn apart before we cast a protest vote? The mouse will thank you for not remaining neutral.

There are 574 days left to the 2018 elections.

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