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Weak March Jobs Report Met With Desperate Spinning From Trump Media Allies

The White House has been silent about a weak March jobs report, but the same media outlets that constantly attacked Obama on jobs now think things aren't so bad.

Donald Trump promised that after he took office, jobs would come flooding back to America. Of course that hasn't happened, even though he has attempted to take credit for the jobs added by several companies in deals that were completed during the Obama administration.

The White House and their media allies praised the February jobs report, the first full month under Trump's reign, because the number of jobs exceeded expectations. And suddenly, the numbers weren't "fake" anymore, as Trump had previously claimed on multiple occasions.

On April 7 we got a look at the March jobs numbers, which are mixed at best. Only 98,000 new jobs were created, fewer than expected. But, the unemployment rate, which Trump constantly attacked as being the most bogus of the jobs numbers, fell again.

Trump gleefully tweeted and retweeted all of the great news about the February jobs report. After the March report was released? Silence.

Of course, Fox Business chose to ignore the weakness in the job gains and focused on the information that unemployment declined to 4.5 percent, which they were happy to note was its lowest since the pre-Obama days of 2007. That report was a bit of damage control following Fox's crowing about a supposed 263,000 jobs they were claiming for March just two days before the official report came out. Oops.

And what about that precious "labor participation rate" that the right hammered Obama over virtually every time a decline in unemployment was announced? Fox Business noted, almost as an afterthought, that it "stayed steady" in March -- at about the same level where it has been for the past year, and lower than it was for much of the Obama administration. But we don't want to talk about that now. Obama unemployment declines? "Yeah, but the labor participation rate is the real issue." Trump unemployment declines? "Unemployment is at its lowest point since 2007. 'Labor participation rate?' What does that have to do with anything?"

Here's how the right-wing CNS News Service spun their reporting on the jobs numbers:

The number of employed Americans increased 472,000 to 153,000,000 in March, setting a second straight monthly record; and the number of unemployed persons dropped by 326,000 to 7.2 million.

And now, that whole "labor participation rate" thing that they ripped Obama for is suddenly getting described more accurately by these right-wing outlets.

The 94,213,000 million people counted as not participating in the labor force last month includes millions of baby boomer retirees, students, the disabled, homemakers and others who do not work for various reasons.

To be fair, it takes a new president a while to get his economic policies to take hold, and much of what we are seeing now can't be blamed on or credited to Trump. So far, other than tweeting, he hasn't done a thing about jobs. Nothing. Although he really, really wants you to think he has.

But if Trump and his allies are going to take credit for a good month, they also need to own a bad month, n'est pas? And now we get a glimpse of how that will be done. A round of self-congratulation on Twitter and effusive praise on right-wing media after a good month. Silence and/or desperate spinning following a bad one. Given what we have seen in his first two plus months -- no legislation proposed or signed concerning jobs -- expect little of the former and a lot of the latter for the next four years.