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Belly Laugh of the Day: Donald Trump Jr. Wants to Run for Governor of...New York

Don Jr.'s future autobiography: "How I Lost Bigly and Guaranteed a Democrat Became the Next Governor of New York"
Trump Jr. 2024: The overlord a radioactive wasteland needs.

Trump Jr. 2024: The overlord a radioactive wasteland needs.

Upon reading the headline of the Post's article, "Donald Trump Jr. talks about running for governor of New York", my first reaction was to check the date to see if it had been published on April 1st. It wasn't. My second reaction was to read the article to see if it was satire. It's not.

My third reaction, of course, was to burst out into Cape Fear laughter.

I'm not sure if Junior is aware of this, but his father didn't just lose New York, he was destroyed by Hillary Clinton, 58.8% to 37.5%. True, it was her home state but it was Trump's as well and she crushed him like a bug. This does not lend itself to confidence that the Trump name will get Junior very far in New York politics. Frankly, the family is despised by most New Yorkers and the white nationalist rhetoric spewed during the campaign made the Trump brand even less popular there than it already was.

But aside from the delusion that one of the bluest states in the country would elect a Trump, any Trump, to be governor, there's the ultimate arrogance of Junior's pretension to political power:

A guest at Tuesday’s meeting told Page Six, “Don Jr. said he is interested in running for office, such as governor of New York, but the position of mayor of New York would be less interesting to him.”

Don Jr. added that he didn’t want to be one of 100 Senators, nor a member of Congress.

Campaigning alongside his father made him think about his future, with him saying, “Do I want to be behind the scenes and be a mouthpiece and fight back against crazy liberal media? Maybe.” Don Jr. joked that he missed the intensity of the presidential campaign: “Going back to doing deals is boring after 18 months. The politics bug bit me.”

He talks about it the way an adrenaline junkie talks about skydiving. But as his father has recently discovered, being an elected official isn't all parades and rallies and having your ass kissed by people looking for your inherited money. Politics is hard work and as the son of an alleged billionaire, Junior hasn't experienced a day of that in his life. Sure, working on a campaign can be strenuous but how much of the actual work does anyone believe Junior did himself? He's royalty for god's sake! He has people for that!

And heaven forbid he run to be a lowly member of Congress (or build any political experience whatsoever)! Why, that's for plebes! As a Trump, Junior clearly deserves to start off at the top of the ladder because....well, look where daddy got on his first try. How hard can it be? 

The scary part about this is that if Junior figures out that New York would be a disaster for him, he could very easily be elected in a deep red, pro-Trump state like Kansas or Oklahoma (assuming he would deign to rule over such minor states, of course). Americans tend to love dynasties even while they bitch about them and conservatives already love the idea of a hereditary monarchy to rule over them (because, you see, self rule is hard). By running as the anointed Prince, Junior wouldn't have to put much effort into dazzling the rubes with his money, fame and continued promises of white nationalism.

Fortunately, Junior's daddy is so ridiculously inept, it seems unlikely than any but the most die-hard Trump fans would follow a Trump off the same cliff a second time. Then again, America was dumb enough to do it once and we do have a penchant for sequels even though the follow up is almost always worse...

There are 579 days left to the 2018 elections.

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