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Neil deGrasse Tyson is Not Impressed, Brutally Ridicules Trump Administration's Budget

Neil deGrasse Tyson savages the Trump administration's budget that does little more than make millionaires wealthier and strips funding from everything that makes America great.


Astrophysicist and "Cosmos" presenter Neil seGrasse Tyson took to Twitter yesterday to deliver a brutal takedown of the Trump administration's newly unveiled budget that cut everything other than military spending:

Having spent his entire professional career as a scientist, Tyson is well aware of the devastating effects Trump's budget cuts will have. Without proper government funding, agencies responsible for keeping our water clean, children educated and population aware of catastrophic climate change simply won't be able to function. It is incredibly easy to slash budgets when you won't be impacted by any of the ensuing disasters. 

Trump and everyone in his cabinet are billionaires and millionaires who will be able to shield themselves from the catastrophe of global warming, buy clean drinking water and send their children to fancy private schools. So whether the government functions for the majority of American citizens is really of no concern to them -- hence a budget that protects their wealth and takes it away from everyone else.