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Joe Walsh Goes Off On A Wildly Racist Twitter Rant Against Obama

And amazingly, he can't believe anyone is calling him on the glaringly obvious racism.

Early Tuesday afternoon, ex congressman and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh got into a Twitter fight with CNN commentator Angela Rye and made a complete ass of himself.

Rye had voiced her frustration that Trump is being protected by Republicans for something that Obama would have been drawn and quartered for:

Rye then asserted that “the bigger issue that I have…is that if this would have been under the Obama administration, there would be no end to this. Barack Obama had to be the next best thing to Jesus; and here we are, just two months in and some change, there is issue after issue. Maybe it’s not Russian collusion, maybe its collusion with the Intel committee chair. But it’s highly problematic.”

Joe Walsh, in his infinite wisdom, decided to be offended by this:

If it's not clear what he's offended by, his follow up tweet cleared that right up:

I'll continue when you're done banging your head against the nearest wall.

Done? Good, because that wasn't the end of it. Rye tore into Walsh for his lack of reading comprehension and in response, Walsh put on his pointy white hood:

After firing off a quick apology for misinterpreting a really difficult to misinterpret statement about Obama and Jesus, Walsh doubled down on his whitewashing of history:

Joy Ann Reid hopped into the conversation, mocking Walsh for being a deadbeat dad, and Walsh kept digging the hole deeper:

It's bizarre to watch Walsh talk about a reality that simply does not exist outside of Fox News and Breitbart. Obama was protected by his blackness? From who? Conservatives? They were braying for his blood before he was even sworn in. They wanted him impeached for....well, no one was ever quite clear why he should be impeached on Day One other than the color of his skin. Unlike Trump, Obama hadn't actually violated his oath of office the second he finished taking it.

So perhaps the media protected him? It's hard to imagine that's what Walsh is talking about. For eight years straight, the "liberal" press played the willing accomplice to any number of Republican scams, playing up the nonexistent IRS "scandal", Fast and Furious, and holy crap did the press love them some Benghazi.

Ah, he must be talking about white liberals like The Young Turks and the entire anti-establishment blogosphere that spent the entire eight years whipping the far left into an anti-Democratic Party frenzy. You could just smell the white guilt oozing from them as they screamed about how they would never vote for a third Obama term, helping deliver the country to Donald Trump and his fascist white nationalist administration.

This short Twitter fight perfectly encapsulates why we cannot "reach across the aisle" to find common ground with conservatives; they're not even in the same reality as us. We don't experience the same events. We don't live in the same country. We don't even hold the same truths to be self evident anymore. Walsh and his cohort are trapped in a bubble of their own making and in that fragile world or self-imposed deception, they're free to be as racist as they've always wanted to be and insist that everyone else is at fault.

As of this writing, Walsh was still going and making it worse:

There are 587 days left to the 2018 elections.

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