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Sabotaging Obamacare: The GOP Isn’t Done Trying To Kill Americans

This administration is now chomping at the bit to deliberately engineer catastrophic damage for Americans who have the audacity to get sick.

If you’ve been following the Republican’s spectacular failure with the American Health Care Act (a.k.a. Trumpcare — He loves to put his name on things. Make him own that shit.), then you’re probably already aware of the now-inescapable revelations from this endeavor, but they bear repeating as often as possible:

Donald Trump is not a brilliant dealmaker. At all. In late February, he already confessed that he had no idea “health care could be so complicated,” which is a strange position to take for a man who sat in front of the CIA and said, “Trust me. I’m, like, a smart person.” But if Trump was, like, smart, then he would’ve steered clear of the AHCA, which anyone could see was a polished turd strapped to a hand grenade. Instead, he sicced Steve Bannon on House Republicans in a monumentally impotent move that cast aside any doubts on whether this administration is brilliantly evil or breathtakingly incompetent because it is the latter in spades.

This is a guy who loves to brag that he wrote a book called “The Art of The Deal” (He didn’t.), yet he somehow couldn’t get House Republicans to vote for repealing Obamacare. That’s literally all those assholes do! Which is why it’s time to get rid of the myth that Trump is some sort of smart businessman who “gets things done” and recognize him for what he truly is: A con artist that looks like a kumquat. To put an even finer, and hiliarious, point on how terrible Trump is at negotiating deals, House Republicans used his own book against him. I’m pretty sure there’s a word for that.

Unfortunately, this is the part where things get ugly. While Justin Rosario is correct that someone is absolutely going to pay for Trumpcare’s defeat, I think of Trump as less of a Bond villain and more of a wife-beater who just had his ego bruised while out for dinner. And right now America is riding in the car with him back to a house full of dread. Like most abusers, Trump’s going to cowardly lash out at soft targets with little to no chance of fighting back. And in this case, that’s anyone who relies on Obamacare for health coverage.

According to both The Atlantic and The Nation, plans are already underway for Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price to begin sabotaging the Affordable Care Act through purposeful neglect or exploiting tiny amounts of wiggle room, essentially weakening the ACA from within. These attempts could potentially cause the “death spiral” that Republicans are so adamant is already occurring. (The CBO says otherwise, as it often does when granny-starvers speak.) To be clear, this administration is now chomping at the bit to deliberately engineer catastrophic damage for Americans who have the audacity to get sick. It is not hyperbole to say that people are going to die entirely because Republicans are still obsessed with undermining Obama. Untold number of lives callously bankrupted or snuffed out because the last president was black. Make no mistake about that.

Right now, Donald Trump still commands a large amount of support from evangelical Christians. He won 80% of their vote during the election, which frankly, is not that hard to do. Just pretend to be pro-life. However, one of the most basic and oft-repeated lessons from Christ’s teaching is to care for the sick and the poor, yet as we speak the “Christian candidate” is going to purposefully crush exactly those kind of lives. Long story short: We see you and history will judge your part in this maniac’s assault on America accordingly.