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Republican Men Wage An All Out War On Women's Rights In Texas (Again)

Because clearly these men know what is best for us little women.
SB5 Protesters sit-in at Texas State Capitol (2013)

SB5 Protesters sit-in at Texas State Capitol (2013)

While most of the country worries about how they are going to survive when the GOP on Capitol Hill rips away healthcare from 24 million Americans, Republican men in Texas have different priorities. They are not trying to figure out how their hospitals and clinics are going to pay for the influx of desperate, uninsured patients they will soon have. They are not concerned with the hundreds of thousands of children who will not get the proper health screenings. None of that is important to the God fearin', gun totin', liberty lovin' men in the great state of Texas. Instead of taking care of real problems they've decided they will not rest until they have shoved their elephant into the womb of every woman in their state.

The men of the Lone Star State have proven they have a sick obsession with uteri by introducing four bills meant to strip women of their constitutionally protected rights. The bills are as follows:

Senate Bill 25, introduced by Sen. Brandon Creighton, prevents parents from suing doctors if their babies are born with disabilities, even if the doctor discovered the defects while the fetus was in utero. The hope is that anti-abortion physicians will keep the birth defects to themselves in order to prevent women from aborting. Creighton said,"It is unacceptable that doctors can be penalized for embracing the sanctity of life."

Translation: the bill allows doctors to lie to parents based on their own personal beliefs and could lead to children being born with severe and painful birth defects. And if that happens the parents will not be able to punish the negligent physician because Republican Jesus wants it that way.

Senate Bill 415, introduced by Sen. Charles Perry, bans dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortions, the most common form of abortion after 12 weeks gestation. 

Translation: If women are made aware of their fetus' birth defects, they won't be able to opt for a less traumatic abortion. Instead, Republicans will force these women to endure a labor induced by drugs and deliver a dead baby. Also, if the woman just happens to find out she is pregnant in the second trimester and wants to terminate, she will also be forced to go through a delivery. 

Senate Bill 8, introduced by Sen. Charles Schwertner, bans the donation of fetal tissue to medical researchers. “What we want to do is get away from profiting motive as well as middlemen dealing with fetal tissue,” Schwertner said citing the widely-debunked videos that claimed to show Planned Parenthood employees selling "baby parts." In fact, a Texas grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing and indicted David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, their accusers, on multiple charges stemming from the videos.  

Translation: Medical research and curing disease is far less important than partisan political smears against Planned Parenthood and other healthcare clinics. And alternative facts are now being used to legislate. 

Senate Bill 20, introduced by Sen. Larry Taylor, requires women to purchase separate insurance to cover "elective" abortions. The bill would cover "medically necessary" terminations but does not make an exception for rape or incest. 

Translation: Women should have to get super special abortion insurance because Republican Jesus doesn't think they should spread their legs in the first place.  

If any of these bills are passed, the impact on reproductive health services would be devastating. They are completely misguided and ignorant. Furthermore, all four of them demonstrate a basic lack of understanding and empathy for women and their healthcare needs. It's unclear how many, if any, of these bills will survive the inevitable legal challenges but that's not important to Texas Republicans. These men, with not a uterus or set of ovaries (or heart or soul or basic human decency) between them, think that they know best and that is that. The arrogance is absolutely astounding. But sadly, it's also not at all surprising coming out of the state that has been ground zero for the fight against the GOP's war on women's rights for many years.