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Why Melania Refusing To Share A Bed With Trump Matters

It's really none of our business but there's more to this than just an unhappy marriage and a miserable First Lady.

This week, Us Weekly reported that Trump's most recent marriage is in shambles:

Multiple sources claim that the former fashion model — who’s currently living 200 miles away from Washington, D.C., in NYC’s Trump Tower while Barron finishes the school year — refuses to share a bed with Donald even on the rare occasions when they sleep in the same city. “They have separate bedrooms,” says another Trump insider. “They never spend the night together — ever.” (A third source says the couple do sleep in the same room but keep separate beds: “It’s very ‘royal’ of them!”)   

Let's get the obvious out of the way: This is tabloid junk and has zero bearing on what kind of president Trump is. Yes, it's been very clear from almost the beginning of his campaign that there is no love or even affection in Trump's marriage and, frankly, she had to know she was marrying a disgusting pig. But beyond the puerile interest it sparks, it's meaningless. As a liberal, I do not care what people do in their personal lives and I certainly do not care about their sleeping arrangements.

So why am I even bothering to write about Trump's loveless sham of a marriage? Because Republicans are the party of "family values" and the hypocrisy of their silence makes my blood boil.

While the nonstop wailing against marriage equality has died down to a low murmur, Christian conservatives still wield their moral superiority as a cudgel against godless liberal scum. On any given day, you can be sure Pat Robertson, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee or any number of conservative talking heads will extol the virtues of being a committed family man. They're better than you, you see, because they believe in a family structure blessed by the Bible and Baby Jesus while you think people should be free to build the family that's right for them, no matter how non-nuclear it is.

This is why the religious right went insane when Bill Clinton got a blow job. This is why they tried desperately for 8 years to slime Obama's marriage as fake. Did you forget already? He's secretly gay! Michelle is actually a man! They're getting divorced! It was lurid and gross to watch the right foam at the mouth like this but entirely expected. To them, a president with a broken marriage or family is proof that they're unworthy of holding public office.

Whoops! There's a typo in that last sentence. Allow me to correct it: "To them, a Democratic president with a broken marriage or family is proof that they're unworthy of holding public office." 

And that's the crux of the matter; the hypocrisy of the religious right has become so thick, it's a wonder they haven't choked to death. We've all heard this before but it bears repeating on a regular basis. The "deeply religious" right wing, dedicated to "family values", voted overwhelmingly for an admitted sexual predator. A man that is on his third marriage, having five children between them. A man that openly brags about all of the times he cheated on his wives. A man that openly brags about walking in on underage models to see them naked. A man that jokes about dating little girls. A man that openly admits he didn't bother to raise his children. A man that is almost literally the diametric opposite of every single "family value" the religious right has furiously promoted as their greatest strength for decades.

And now, Trump's wife and 11-year-old son live in an entirely different state, only seeing him occasionally on weekends. Didn't the right use to scream about how children needed a father in their lives? That a single mother is the source of all of society's ills? I remember that every time a story came out about how Barack Obama made time to spend with his children, the right sneered as he practiced what they preached. Imagine the umbrage if Michelle and the girls had lived away from the White House?

Nothing in this article will alter the right's behavior. Their hypocrisy is set in stone at this point and nothing short of a seismic shift in their worldview will change this. But we can demand that our representatives call out their god-bothering bullshit more often. "You elected Donald Trump to be your leader, your "moral" argument against abortion is invalid. Fuck you." 

We can demand that the media stop letting them bash us with their weaponized religion. "You elected Donald Trump to be your leader, your bullshit concern for "religious freedom" is rejected. Fuck you.

We can stop rolling our eyes when they whip out their "family values" and claim a moral high ground they can't even see from the rancid, amoral cesspit they wallow in. "You elected Donald Trump to be your leader, you might as well have used the Bible as toilet paper. Fuck you."

I'm a fairly militant atheist and even I find their behavior insulting to Christianity. I'm done letting the right pretend that they're the party of Jay-zus and God and morality as they vote against everything Jesus preached and follow a man that spits on his teachings. These people are a stain on the moral fabric of our country and it's time we started treating them like it.

There are 591 days left to the 2018 elections.

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