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A note to our readers: We temporarily suspended publishing 'Banter M' our bi-weekly digital mag after the passing of Chez Pazienza out of respect for his huge contribution to it. Chez helped start the mag back in 2015 and was instrumental in making it a success. He would have wanted us to continue publishing it, so now we're back in full force.  

In this issue of Banter M:

America Took A Bullet For The World - Voting our conscience may have saved the world from a new Dark Age, argues Justin Rosario. But not in the way you might think.

A Guide to Surviving Trump's Alternate Reality - Ben Cohen argues that despite the awfulness of Trump's presidency, we have unique opportunity to not only make the country a better place to live, but our own lives more enjoyable too.

We're at War Against Russia and All the President's Men are Fighting for the Other Side - There is a new Cold War emerging, and unfortunately for America, it's own government has joined the other side, argues Bob Cesca. 

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