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Enough is Enough, Obama Must Confront Donald Trump

Obama shouldn’t give a damn about any political fallout or care about any partisan backlash. His response is badly needed for history and posterity.
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A privileged white male born into wealth, Donald Trump appears to have lived a life without ever feeling as though he could ever be loved. His deep insecurities and inferiority complex manifested itself through ostentatious cravings for the excessive and opulent. Gold plated toilet seats and marble laced furniture mask the hurt, the pain, and the suffering. The domineering personality, the attention seeking behavior and objectification of women mirror his obsession with real estate deals – the chase, manipulation and the prize of having an object to own and control. His past of well documented racial discrimination and misogyny should not surprise anyone. Trump personifies the worst of fragile white masculinity, and this is why Barack Obama has had a special place in the heart and mind of the petroleum veined Trump.

Trump sees in Obama everything he wishes to be except his color. A man who is stable, confident, smart, and driven by greatness that improves the lives of others. Obama exudes grace under pressure, a sense of dignity and moral integrity. Trump knows when Obama walks into a room, there is an aura of confidence and affability. Trump knows when he walks into a room, he’s deflating, immediately questioned and quietly ridiculed because of his constant projecting. 

As a foul mouthed, race baiting private citizen with celebrity, fame, and money, Trump had an open mic with the public that spanned over 30 years. But his incessant preoccupation with Obama over the past seven years revealed his intimidation and self-doubt that has morphed into political opportunism. To the surprise of many, his fixation on Obama helped elevate Trump to the most powerful man in the world. Trump took every opportunity to lambast the Affordable Care Act, There wasn’t an adjective or expletive that Trump didn’t use to describe the Obama's signature piece of legislation that helped millions buy affordable healthcare.

Trump’s political rise came through the headwinds of white supremacy masked as 'birtherism' - a movement that openly questioned the legitimacy and citizenship of a sitting president. To this day, it pains me to think about Obama succumbing to this racist propagandist campaign and having to officially produce his birth certificate.

As a private citizen and now as president, Trump continues to disrespect and attack the former president. Trump has falsely accused Obama of masterminding protests that occurred around the country regarding the Affordable Care Act and Republican efforts to dismantle it. Trump blatantly lied about Obama’s Gitmo record and tried to take credit for job growth numbers he had nothing to do with.

However, the most egregious attack yet is Trump’s claim that former president Obama wiretapped one of his hotels. The magnitude of such claim, if serious, should have come from the president in a press conference to discuss the evidence. But we’re talking about Donald Trump, a pathological liar who casually called Obama a felon through a tweet. Of course, Trump had no facts to support his baseless accusation.

When the allegation first came out, Obama was clearly irked by the lie and had spokesperson Kevin Lewis issue the following statement: 

A cardinal rule of the Obama Administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice

As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.

FBI Director James Comey had no evidence wiretapping occurred and asked the Trump administration to retract their claim. Trump ally and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes issued the following statement on March 15th:

We don't have any evidence that that took place. I don't think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower.Lastly on the Senate side, Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Lindsay Graham are trying to put an end to the whirlwind of speculation by asking the FBS to produce documentation that it happened or having on record that it is simply unfounded.

Besides Obama’s statement rebuking Trump’s irresponsible assertion, Obama has largely remained out of the public’s view. A recent article in Vox indicated that this is by design. Obama’s reported intention is to remain apolitical and “above the fray” while quietly developing future progressive leaders. To his credit, Obama is attempting to abide by historical precedent of past presidents refraining from publicly criticizing the current president. However, it is time for former President Obama to take the gloves off, say to hell with presidential etiquette and confront Donald Trump.

Obama should lead the discussion by getting in front of the camera and telling the American people that Donald Trump calling him a felon without evidence is recklessly irresponsible and dangerous to our democracy. He should let the American people know that the founding fathers wouldn’t recognize the current office of the presidency, and that this is not normal and should never be viewed as such. Obama shouldn’t give a damn about any political fallout or care about any partisan backlash. His response is badly needed for history and posterity. It needs to be on record by the American president who was falsely accused of a crime by another president. Obama took enormous pride in the constitution and the office of the presidency, and this is a great time to draw on that reverence and call out Donald Trump. Because enough is enough.

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