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In Trump's America, Steve King Is Finally Free To Be The Racist Asshole He's Always Been

Who needs to hide underneath a pointy white hood when a white nationalist squats in the Oval Office?

Over the last few days Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has been the target of bipartisan condemnation after he made a series of incredibly racist comments. First, the congressman argued "we can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies." His argument was that caucasians need to have more "babies" in order to preserve the white race's power in the United States. Which he elaborated on in subsequent interviews. 

Then, while speaking to CNN, King doubled down on his comments when Chris Cuomo asked if he believed everyone is equal. The lawmaker responded:

"They're all created in the image of God and they're equal in his eyes. And if they're citizens of the United States they're equal in the eyes of the law. Individuals will contribute differently, not equally to this civilization and society and certain groups of people will do more from a productive side than other groups of people will. That's just a statistical fact."

Translation: "I do not believe everyone is equal and white people are more productive than minorities." 

Finally, during a radio interview with Iowa's 1040 WHO, King lashed out at Univision's Jorge Ramos and said:

“Jorge Ramos’ stock in trade is identifying and trying to drive wedges between race. Race and ethnicity, I should say to be more correct. When you start accentuating the differences, then you start ending up with people that are at each other’s throats."

That's right, he's angry that Jorge Ramos supports multiculturalism. In King's warped world, everyone should embrace their heritage but only as long as that heritage is "white." Anything else and you're the one being a bigot. This is just the age old "I don't see color" argument white people often use before saying something breathtakingly racist. And that is exactly what King did next:

"And he’s adding up Hispanics and blacks into what he predicts will be in greater number than whites in America. I will predict that Hispanics and the blacks will be fighting each other before that happens.”  

Notice it is only going to be "blacks and Hispanics" who will be fighting each other while white people innocently stand on the side lines? Never mind the fact that throughout American history white men have had a stranglehold on power and lash out every time they feel that power is slipping away (i.e. the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, immigration reform movement, the election of President Obama, etc.). There is a reason white supremacists are so prevalent throughout our country and it certainly isn't because they are standing idly by while other races fight to control the country. 

King's comments were so blatantly racist that even his Republican colleagues scrambled to distance themselves from him. It was as if this was the first time they'd heard someone in their party express such horrible sentiments about non-whites, when nothing could be further from the truth. 

The ethno-nationalism that King espouses is hardly new to the Republican Party, it's just out in the open now. While Donald Trump was campaigning, he said over and over that he wanted to take America back to its glory days and everybody knew exactly what that meant: Put the "white" back in the "White House". And that is exactly what happened; white people like Steve King rose up and put someone just like themselves in the highest office in our country. Ignorant, crass, and unbearably racist.

Now, because of Trump's election, people like Steve King are comfortable spewing the racist garbage they've kept bottled up (some more successfully than others). Representative King has a long, long history of lashing out at minorities, but before the GOP's 2016 win he was always forced to walk it back--that's not happening now. King has not apologized for his comments, he's stood by them and that is because he knows the man sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office feels exactly the same way he does. But establishment Republicans know that this is going to kill their party and they are frantically trying to shove the racist genie back in the bottle. Unfortunately for them, that's not going to happen. 

Jorge Ramos was right, minorities are going to outnumber whites very soon and the babies who are born today will know exactly who was fighting to oppress them.