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Watch Ezra Klein Explain How Cartoonishly Evil Trumpcare Is

"It is hard to imagine the electoral reckoning that would follow the implementation of this law."
Cartoon Villain

The author's mental image of Paul Ryan.

Ever since Paul Ryan unveiled his monstrous healthcare bill, dubbed "Trumpcare", people have been struggling to explain just how insanely bad it is. 

Paul Krugman called it "a dog's breakfast" and that was pretty close to expressing the loathing any rational person would have for the American Health Care Act (Fuck Yeah). But hearing the astonishment of Ezra Klein as he narrates his March 13 article on this exact topic really drives home the sickness at the core of this bill and, by extension, Republican ideology.

It's been suggested by a number of people, including me, that Trumpcare is not a real bill but rather a sham thrown together in a few weeks; a figment designed to never be passed. But listening to Klein explain the casual disregard for human life displayed in this bill, I can't help but look at Paul Ryan and his fellow Ayn Rand-worshipping extremists in the House and wonder if this is exactly the kind of bill they really do want.

It's everything Republicans stand for these days: It savagely attacks the poor. It massively cuts taxes for the rich. It throws money at corporations and allows them to cheat their customers. On top of all that, it gives power to the states to deny benefits at their discretion. And guess who Republican-controlled states will find ways to deny most often? Hint: Not white people.

I honestly no longer know what's the worst option here; that House Republicans are too incompetent to write decent legislation, that they want their own bill to fail or that they sincerely think this unprecedented act of class warfare is desirable.

 There are 600 days left to the 2018 elections.

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