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Paul Krugman: Trump Is a Dictator in The Making

How long before America wakes up realizes this before it is too late?
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In response to the Trump administration's insistence that the recently released jobs numbers are "real" and not "phony" like they apparently were under the Obama administration, Paul Krugman let rip in his latest column, accusing Trump of having "totalitarian instincts" living in a completely alternate reality:  

The U.S. economy added 10.3 million jobs during President Obama’s second term, or 214,000 a month. This brought the official unemployment rate below 5 percent, and a number of indicators suggested that by late last year we were fairly close to full employment. But Donald Trump insisted that the good news on jobs was “phony,” that America was actually suffering from mass unemployment.

Then came the first employment report of the Trump administration, which at 235,000 jobs added looked very much like a continuation of the previous trend. And the administration claimed credit: Job numbers, Mr. Trump’s press secretary declared, “may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.”

Reporters laughed — and should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. 

This point cannot be overstated -- this is no laughing matter, and Americans should be alarmed by any attempts to normalize this insanity. Continued Krugman: 

America is now governed by a president and party that fundamentally don’t accept the idea that there are objective facts. Instead, they want everyone to accept that reality is whatever they say it is.

So we’re just supposed to believe the president if he says, falsely, that his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever; if he claims, ludicrously, that millions of votes were cast illegally for his opponent; if he insists, with no evidence, that his predecessor tapped his phones.

Krugman goes on to argue that this mindset has real world consequences that will affect millions of lives, particularly as it relates to the health care debacle. Trump and the GOP are claiming that their latest health care bill will cut costs, give everyone cheaper, better health care, and insure anyone who wants it. Every preliminary study of course shows the exact opposite: it will be more expensive, cover less people, and funnel money directly to corporate CEOs, away from the people who need it most. 

To combat reality, Trump and his administration have waged an all out war on it -- claiming up is down, black is white, and the sky is pink. They attacked the CBO before it had even published its study on Trumpcare, relentlessly hammer the media for being "fake", and lie so often journalists quite simply cannot keep up with them. Trump has coined any media organization or government body that reports on facts as an "enemy of the people" -- a phrase that Krugman notes is "historically associated with Stalin and other tyrants."

"This is no accident," Krugman continued. "Mr. Trump isn’t a dictator — not yet, anyway — but he clearly has totalitarian instincts."

And how long before America wakes up realizes this before it is too late?