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Barring new evidence to the contrary, it's safe to assume that President Trump's Tuesday morning tweet-storm was once again inspired by his habit of watching the giggling couch tumors at Fox & Friends

In two of his Tuesday tweets, he specifically tagged @foxandfriends, as if to signal Doocy, Kilmeade and Random Blonde Lady that the President of the United States is watching their show and loving every minute. Frankly, it's something a fanboy blogger would do with his favorite celebrity. Hey, maybe if I tag Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy will see my name! And then maybe he'll follow me! And then maybe we can be BFFs! Can you imagine?!

His most obnoxious tweet of the morning didn't include a Fox & Friends tag, but it was inspired by the show anyway. First, here's what (I can't repeat this enoug) the President of the United States wrote:

We'll circle back to the, you know, lying in a second. But, yes, this was absolutely a reaction to a newsflash aired on Fox & Friends 30 minutes before Trump's little screechfest. 

Naturally, Trump leaped to the conclusion that all 122 detainees mentioned in the piece were released by President Obama. They weren't. In fact, according to the Director of National Intelligence's website, President Bush released 532 detainees from Guantanamo Bay, and 113 of those former detainees returned to "the battlefield." Meanwhile, Obama released 161 detainees, with just nine returning to the battlefield. So, no, Obama didn't release 122 "vicious prisoners" from Gitmo who returned to terrorism. He released 161, but only nine of them rejoined al-Qaeda.

Trump lied.

Also, it's worth noting that the Fox & Friends newsflash had to do with one detainee released by Obama, and, according to the report, this particular detainee was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Yemen this week. So, the offending terrorist is dead -- yet Trump failed to mention that, even though it could've been framed as an accomplishment by his own administration. I mean, he could've bragged about it but instead he chose to make shit up about Obama's Gitmo record.

Put another way, Trump has trouble comprehending information he sees on Fox & Friends, which despite having its own "brain room" (yes, really) it's perhaps the dumbest show on cable news. Yet Trump can't seem to follow the blisteringly detailed wonkery of Doocy and his dumber-than-a-bag-of-hair sidekick, Brian Kilmeade. 

Yes, Fox & Friends is too brainy for the president, which raises an important question: how does Trump dress himself every morning without getting his thumbs caught in the button holes? Who knows -- perhaps this explains his poorly-fitting suits. Maybe his suits come in a single piece with a Velcro seam down the back, and Trump just climbs into it every morning like a jumpsuit. (Thanks, China!)

Seriously, we know he has trouble with spelling and reading comprehension, but now it's almost as if he's being deliberately stupid.