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Lady Liberty Went Dark But Nevertheless, She Persisted

Liberty being overcome by a wave of darkness is a recurring theme in our history and we're in one of those moments right now. But we always respond by shining a light in that darkness and pushing it back. It's who we are as a people.

For more than one hundred years Lady Liberty has stood proudly in New York Harbor guiding people to freedom, but on Tuesday night, for two hours, her torch was extinguished. And on the eve of International Women's Day and the #DayWithoutAWoman protests, along with everything else that is currently happening in our country, the symbolism was lost on no one.

Shortly after the green lady's beacon of liberty went dark, the National Park Service announced it was an unplanned outage caused by repair work from Hurricane Sandy. But we, like the many commentators on Twitter, think the timing could not have been better.

America is experiencing what will go down in the history books as one of the most tumultuous periods in our country's history. Not only are women's rights in grave danger by the Trump Administration and the Republican-controlled Congress, but so is every minority group and, perhaps most frightening, our democracy. 

In the last seven weeks, Muslims have been targeted by an unconstitutional travel ban that was updated on Monday. Immigrants and their families are being ripped apart at an alarming rate. African-Americans, many of whom lived through Jim Crow, are seeing a rise of white supremacist hate that everyone had hoped was dying down. Women have lived each day since November 8, with realization that the man currently squatting in the Oval Office admitted to sexual assault and he was still elected. Millions of Americans are about to lose access to affordable health care. And once again, the Jewish community is living in fear as it is attacked by anti-Semites empowered by America's apprentice president. 

Our democracy is being held hostage by a madman and his posse of selfish morons on Capitol Hill. There is no doubt that we are living in very dark days right now, but like Lady Liberty, we won't be powerless for long.