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Trump Chokes: Hasn't Actually Asked the FBI About Obama Wiretap

Even Donald Trump doesn't believe his own bullshit.
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If Donald Trump was so sure about his astonishing claim that his campaign was "wiretapped" by the Obama administration, one would think that he might, you know, ask the agency responsible for it.  But no, despite the public bluster about Obama orchestrating a "silent coup", Donald Trump clearly doesn't believe it either and has yet to ask the FBI about his very serious allegation. From the BBC:

President Donald Trump has not spoken to the FBI about his claim that his predecessor wiretapped his phones.

Mr Trump on Saturday accused Barack Obama of ordering surveillance at Trump Tower in New York during the election, but has offered no evidence.

FBI Director James Comey has reportedly rejected the allegation - one report said he was "incredulous".

But White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Tuesday the president has yet to speak to him about it.

Instead of verifying the rumors started by a right wing blowhard and a conspiracy theorist site, the Trump administration wants a congressional investigation. Continued the BBC report: 

The "smartest way" to address this is for Congress to extend its current investigations to include this issue, he [Spicer] said.

Mr Comey has asked the US justice department (DOJ) to publicly refute the president's claim, according to the New York Times and NBC.

He is said to have asked for this because the allegation implies the FBI broke the law. The DOJ has not commented.

To recap, this is bullshit -- Sean Spicer knows it and Donald Trump knows it too. The only piece of evidence they have is a BBC story detailing the occurrence of a FISA court order that was granted "To examine possible activity between two Russian banks and a computer server in the Trump Tower." 

The story continued: 

"This claim has not been confirmed by U.S. news organizations. Moreover, no article says that Obama requested the order or that it resulted in the tapping of Trump’s phone lines. The server, in fact, may not have even been in Trump Tower."

Trump could clear this up by talking directly to the FBI (which has already publicly rebuked his claim), but of course he hasn't because there's no evidence of them issuing a warrant for Obama to wiretap him. So why then, is Donald Trump doing this? It is entirely possible that this is a grand strategy to confuse the American people and keep them distracted from his real agenda. There may be an element of truth to this, but given the past two months of his presidency, the better theory is that he is a raving idiot with no critical thinking skills and no business being in the White House.