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Can We All Admit That Donald Trump Has No F*cking Idea What He is Doing?

There is no grand strategy, there is no plan. There is just chaos.
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Yesterday, Bob Cesca had me on his podcast 'The Bob Cesca Show' (formerly 'The Bob and Chez Show') where we discussed this past week's political madness. At one point in the conversation that included Trump's insane claim that Obama wiretapped him, I asked Bob and fellow guest Kimberley Johnson whether they had the same feeling I did -- that this grand strategy many commentators believe Trump is orchestrating as president is not a grand strategy at all. It isn't even a plan, or part of a to-do list. There is just chaos on a daily basis with no end in sight. 

Both Bob and Kimberley -- who both cover Trump's presidency on a daily basis -- agreed with me. There is no discernible pattern, no coherent ideology the president espouses, no long term vision, and no management philosophy. Trump just wanders from one disaster to the next, signing executive orders he hasn't read, ranting in front of the press, angering world leaders with idiotic statements and lying through his teeth at every given opportunity. 

Trump simply reacts to whatever he reads on Twitter or watches on Fox News -- a sign that he isn't just hopelessly stupid, but that he's remarkably lazy too. As Chez Pazienza wrote during the early days of Trump's presidency:

One of Trump's most conspicuous characteristics is his unapologetic laziness. One of the reasons Trump answers every question with vague verbal tap dances, like he's the classroom idiot who's trying to bullshit his way through an oral report on a book he didn't read, is that he can't be bothered to learn anything pertinent to the subject. Trump famously loses interest in anything that's not himself in ten seconds flat; he doesn't read and spends most of his days reportedly watching TV; he seems convinced that his "very good brain" is all it takes to get him through any discussion, no matter how complex or dependent on detailed knowledge. Again, he's just fucking lazy, never wanting to take the time to write out a speech, study up on an important issue, or pay close attention to the inevitable responsibilities being president will require of him.

The latest episode of Trump's manic behavior consisted of him waking up one morning and accusing President Obama of having wiretapped him because of something conservative whackjob Mark Levin said on his radio show. Had he read up on the issue before tweeting out angry accusations, he would have found out that there was no wiretap ordered by Obama and no evidence of him meddling with Trump's campaign. But then that would have required doing some in depth reading, cross checking sources and, you know, asking the FBI about it

We have also just witnessed the unveiling of the Republican's Obamacare replacement deal -- a laughably inept mess that consists of taking health care away from millions of people and giving huge tax breaks to insurance companies that pay their CEOs over $500,000/year. Trump never had a coherent health care plan to replace the ACA with, because it involved too much work. He capitalized on dissatisfaction with Obama's signature piece of legislation, and then bullshitted about how much better his own non-existent plan would be. Trump was reportedly shocked at how complex the health care issue was only after he got into office -- which means he wasn't paying attention to one of the biggest changes to the nation in 40 years. 

While those around him might have some sort of strategy (and it is clear the Republican Party is getting a lot of what they want out of him), the idea that Trump knows what he is doing is completely laughable. He doesn't, and never did, and it is time the public recognized this fact and begins working on removing him from office before it really is too late.