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Looking To Boost Flagging Gun Sales, The NRA Openly Incites Violence Against "Terrorist" Left

The gun industry and the NRA have reached a whole new level of irresponsibility in the pursuit of blood-soaked profits.

The NRA has a Trump problem. With an ally in the White House, it's impossible to convince even the most gullible of gun nuts that the government is about to swoop in and steal their precious guns. Right wing fear drives the gun industry and without it, sales tank:

Michelle Leder of Footnoted points out that companies like Sturm Ruger & Company Inc and American Outdoor Brands Corporation, (formerly known as Smith & Wesson), saw their numbers plummet after the election. Strum, for instance, reported that the number of background checks they performed for gun purchases fell 24% in January from a year earlier — and that's after brisk sales leading up to November.


But Wayne LaPierre has a solution: Convince his fear-soaked followers that liberals are an immediate threat to their safety. Instead of being afraid that, at any second, the evil federal government was going to swoop in and steal their guns, God-fearin', red-blooded, Christian 'Murikans now have to worry that angry liberals are going to kill every Trump voter they can find. 

And I wish that I was exaggerating. LaPierre rolled out this new messaging at CPAC:

“The left's message is absolutely clear,” he intoned. “They want revenge. You have to be punished. They say you are what is wrong with America. And now, you have to be purged.”

“Another name for terrorism,” he said, “is violence in the name of politics and criminal violence has no place in political debate.”

You see, of the millions of people that took to the streets to protest, a few dozen of them damaged some property, therefor, the entire left has become a terrorist movement. Curiously, when Trump voters were violently attacking protesters during the election, that was just A-OK. And all of the right wing extremists that have been killing cops over the years were lone wolves. And all of the militias that were preparing to go to war with the government were "patriots." 

But then, those violent right wingers are some of the NRA's best customers so it just wouldn't do to call them out.

And just to make it absolutely clear that he was calling for NRA members to get ready to slaughter hordes of wild liberals in defense of 'Murika, LaPierre ratcheted up his rhetoric to "Michael Bay" on the Patriot-Meter:

“With all the threats facing America today, your right to protect yourself and your family may be more relevant and more urgently needed than ever before,” he said. “Americans know that in their heart. Americans can feel that in their bones. That is why they joined the National Rifle Association.”

“Make no mistake, if the violent left brings their terror to our communities, our neighborhoods or into our homes," he concluded, “they will be met with the resolve, and the strength, and the full force of American freedom in the hands of the American people and we will win because we are the majority in this country.”

This is among the most irresponsible rhetoric I've ever heard and that's saying something. LaPierre is setting the stage for always-terrified Trump voters to open fire on a crowd of college students because one of them spit on them. Remember, these are people that do not feel safe going grocery shopping without a weapon of mass murder strapped to their chest; once they start viewing a crowd of chanting protesters as terrorists, that itch in their trigger finger will demand to be scratched.

But that's the entire point of this exercise in mass incitement to violence. If LaPierre can get just one of his mindless ammosexuals to blow away an unarmed student, the left will (justifiably) howl with rage, making it so much easier to convince people that we're poised for violence. Result? Mass increase in gun sales and a nice fat bonus for LaPierre.

Trump, of course, is playing his part by claiming the protests are being funded and/or organized by Obama. Or maybe it's the Jews. Who knows? Did you hear how they might be trashing their own cemeteries to make Trump voters look bad? This makes it even easier to view the protests as a danger to Baby Jesus, Mom's Apple Pie and White America. thus increasing the chances of a wannabe Rambo spraying bullets at every pink pussyhat he can see. 

And if that just happens to have a chilling effect on the protests, reducing the number of people willing to risk their lives at the hands of Wayne LaPierre's goons? Well, what a damn shame that would be. No one said fascism would be easy.

There are 612 days left to the 2018 elections.

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