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BREAKING: Trump Administration Bans CNN, The New York Times, Politico From White House Media Briefing

This is completely insane.

Taking heed from every crackpot dictatorship in modern history, the Trump administration has blocked several major media outlets from a White House media briefing on Friday.  Reports The Daily Beast" 

CNN, The New York Times, Politico, and other mainstream news organizations were blocked from participating in a White House media briefing on Friday afternoon. Journalists expressed outrage at the unusual move, and the Associated Press and Time magazine boycotted the briefing as a result. Spicer reportedly allowed sympathetic outlets into the gaggle—an informal question-and-answer session between a press secretary and journalists—including the Washington Times, Breitbart, and One America News Network. Jeff Mason, the president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, said in a statement that the consortium of reporters will “strongly protest” the move and further discuss it with White House press staffers.

This, for lack of a better word, is disgraceful. It is unclear exactly why Trump blocked the news organizations mentioned above, but given the coverage he has been getting from reputable media outlets, it seems likely they are taking the first steps towards a blackout of the mainstream media. As Steve Bannon declared at CPAC yesterday, Trump is going to war with "corporate media" (read any outlet that reports on facts):

“Here’s where it’s going to get worse,” Bannon said. “He’s [Trump] going to continue to press his agenda. And, as economic conditions get better, as more jobs get better, they’re going to continue to fight. If you think they’re going to give you their country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken."

“Every day it is going to be a fight.”

And today it seems that fight got a whole lot deadlier. 

This is an ongoing story. Stay tuned for more updates.