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Chelsea Clinton Calls Out Kellyanne Conway Over Fake Massacre, So Conway Attacks Clinton's Mother

"In other words: I lied, but Trump won the election and your mom."

Serial liar Kellyanne Conway spends the vast majority of her day covering up her boss's lies with new lies. Conway even made up a massacre this week to cover Trump's lies about the dangers Muslim immigrants present to America -- a lie so egregious that she had to tell more lies to distract people from it. 

When called out on her lies by the media, Conway tweeted this:

So you see Conway is the victim here -- a classy, gracious woman being bullied by the big bad media out to get her and her boss. So what do classy, gracious women do when confronted with their lying? When you are Kellyanne Conway, you continue lying and attack the accuser's mother. This was an exchange between Chelsea Clinton and Kellyanne Conway had on twitter yesterday:

In other words, I lied, but Trump won the election and your mom. 

A little reminder to Ms. Conway: Hillary Clinton won the election by 3 million votes, and you can't "invent" a quality president either.