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All Serious News Networks Must Ban Kellyanne Conway For Her Shameless, Constant Lying

Kellyanne Conway is a shameless, serial liar who lies so consistently and so effortlessly that it is now impossible to know when she is telling the truth.

Kellyanne Conway is a shameless, serial liar who lies so consistently and so effortlessly that it is now impossible to know when she is telling the truth. 

Over the past week, Conway lied about a massacre occurring on US soil, lied about lying about it, and was then exposed for having told the same lie to multiple media outlets despite claiming it she "misspoke one word" after the media called her out on it. Conway "misspoke" about the fictitious massacre on a total of three different media outlets, making it impossible for her to claim it was a slip of the tongue. Now, it appears the media is finally coming to its senses with CNN leading the way in neutering the Trump administration's continuous stream of falsehoods, fabrications and outright lies. The network is refusing to have Conway on to some of its flagship shows due to serious "concerns about her credibility" (and of course Conway lied about this too, claiming CNN had invited her on State Of The Union when of course they hadn't). 

This is a very positive development, and the rest of the media should take note. Conway has a long, storied history of lying, and her latest disregard for objective reality should mean no serious media outlet should regard anything she says as being remotely trustworthy. Conway has already made clear that she believes "alternative facts" are equally as valid as actual facts, making her about as credible a source of information as Alex Jones. 

The mainstream news media failed spectacularly to stop Trump and his team spreading blatant falsehoods during the 2016 election, treating them as equivalents to Clinton's minor transgressions and refusing to acknowledge the vast qualitative differences between the two. While the public could have benefitted from CNN's newly found backbone last year, it is better late than never and will hopefully create a trend that helps beat back the Orwellian doublespeak the Trump administration is busy bamboozling the public with. 

Kellyanne Conway represents perhaps the most toxic aspect of Donald Trump's dysfunctional, psychotic presidency because while Trump clearly has no idea what he is saying from one moment to the next, Conway is well aware of what comes out of her mouth. She lies, spins and obfuscates automatically and without a hint of shame. Conway has turned lying into a performance art, and her calmness under pressure makes it all the more unnerving to watch. She is the ultimate PR hack using her considerable skills to further a truly appalling agenda, and it is high time the news media put a stop to it. The more airtime the media gives her, the more damage she does and responsible news outlets should stop giving her a legitimate platform to propagate her lies.