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Trump's Sadistic Executive Order Allows Military Families To Be Deported

This is how Donald Trump supports our troops?

 “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am" - Donald Trump 

In 2013, the Department of Homeland Security, at the Department of Defense's request, issued a policy memo that protected the spouses, parents and children of active-duty military members from being deported. The "Parole in Place" program was a huge relief for soldiers who were overseas fighting the seemingly endless wars the U.S. is engaged in. They no longer had to worry that they would get a phone call telling them that ICE had picked up their family and they were now in a detention center awaiting deportation. 

It seems like such a common sense policy, doesn't it? Apparently, President Donald Trump didn't think so. The San Diego Union Tribune opined:

The Trump administration’s draconian and hastily drafted immigration orders rescind a key protection for military families so that now even military spouses and children can be rounded up and deported. This will weaken our armed forces. It will harm thousands of military families. And it’s wrong.  


Instead, it casually dispenses with exercises of executive discretion based on a “specified class or category of aliens.” The administration either did not know or did not care that one of these specified classes included military families.

That may be good politics for the red states, but it’s terrible national security policy for the United States, and a slap in the face to thousands of deployed troops with immigrant roots.

In an attempt to attack immigrants who have made the United States their home, Donald Trump has hurt the families of our men and women in the armed forces. This, more than any other policy or statement, proves that the new president will stop at nothing to attack the immigrant community. And we also know, without a shadow of doubt, that he doesn't give two shits about the people who so bravely serve this country. 

Thanks to the xenophobic Trump Administration's far right immigration policies, we now have troops that  will live in fear every single day that they are going to get word informing them that their loved ones have been targeted by the very country they took a vow to protect.