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Idiot Quote of the Day: "Nobody Knew That Healthcare Could Be So Complicated"

Donald Trump has reached criminal levels of ignorance.

Monday morning, Donald Trump explained to an assembly of Republican governors that healthcare in America is complicated. He did this with all of the sagacity of a 5-year-old explaining that Santa uses magic to get down a chimney because of course he wouldn't fit otherwise. 

You would be forgiven if your initial response to this profound announcement was something along the lines of "No shit, Sherlock!" Even people that don't pay attention to politics know that healthcare in America is something like the Gordian Knot. But since Trump lives in an alternate reality where he's the most beloved president with the biggest hands and best inauguration of all time, it shouldn't surprise anyone that he's this ignorant.

And that's really what we're talking about here: Ignorance. Fundamental and all-consuming ignorance. After two years of running for president, preparing to be president and actually being president, Trump still knows absolutely nothing about the country he's supposed to be running. He's so lazy and intellectually stunted, he's just now figuring out that healthcare is "complicated."

Even worse, the same could be said about a lot of Republicans. They love to hate Obamacare and did everything possible to make it fail. Yet, they spent almost no time considering what to replace it with. After 6 years of promising a replacement that would put the ACA to shame, far too many Republicans, like Trump, have just started to realize how complicated healthcare is and why Obamacare looks the way it does. They seem to have never once bothered to look at the damn law to understand how and why it functions. 

This kind of ignorance is criminal when it comes to our elected officials. It shows a level of disdain for the nuts and bolts of governing that cannot be sustained for long. Trump thinks he can get around this by ruling via executive order and Republicans are hoping to stay in power long enough to repeal Obama's entire legacy. Beyond that, they have no plans besides maybe engaging in massive voter suppression and maybe a few trillion in tax cuts for the rich. Later, possibly a new war or two as a distraction from the coming economic collapse.

These are the kinds of things that we need to bring to people's attention; not that Trump is a pig or a bigot, but that he's manifestly incompetent. He is simply too ignorant to be president and he shows zero interest in learning about this enormous and enormously complex country of ours. We deserve a real leader that actually gives a damn about the nation he's leading and Trump is not that person.