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Bernie Sanders Just Humiliated Trump on Twitter

Trump bragged about how large his crowds are. Senator Sanders then set him straight.
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trump sanders

trump sanders

Bernie Sanders has been on fire recently, going after Trump at every given opportunity. Usually, Sanders attacks Trump on policy issues like his tax cuts for the ultra wealthy and his non-existent Obamacare replacement. But today, Sanders went straight for the jugular, and attacked Trump where it hurts him the most: his crowd sizes.

After Trump declared on twitter that if his supporters came out to rally, it would be "the biggest of them all", Sanders set him straight with this savage response: 


Trump is notoriously touchy about his tepid inauguration crowd numbers, so much so that he couldn't stop lying about it during his first two weeks in office. He even had Sean Spicer declare that it was "The largest audience to witness an inauguration. Period," despite photographic evidence that it most certainly wasn't. 

While some might think Sanders' strategy here is flawed, baiting Trump is actually one of the smartest things the opposition can do. By continually chipping away at his fragile ego, the Left is making Trump's life a complete misery. And the more he hates his job, the less likely he is to want to stay there -- which is of course a win-win situation for the country and the planet. 

Bravo Bernie, keep the tweets coming.