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Eye-Popping Trump Statement On Immigration Raids: "It's A Military Operation"

Every time he speaks, the Constitution shrivels and dies just a little more.

During a meeting with manufacturing CEOs, Trump took a minute from pretending he was going to replace the millions of jobs lost to automation to brag about his recent series of sadistic immigration raids:

First, if Trump's goons were actually rounding up large amounts of "gang members," "drug lords," and "really bad dudes," we would know about it. How? Because Trump would make sure the names, faces and crimes of all these "bad hombres" were plastered everywhere so we would love him for protecting us from...Those People.

But Trump hasn't been blasting the details about all these desperadoes on Twitter because they're a fiction made up to scare white people. No doubt a few of those being deported are not model citizens but the overwhelming majority are just regular people living their lives until Trump decided to make America White Again. If Trump talked about how he was gleefully deporting a mother of three or a man who spends his days cleaning bed pans for the terminally ill, he would look like the cruel and sadistic bigot he actually is. Better to pretend they're all criminals. It's what his racist followers want to hear anyway.

Second, what the hell is he talking about? A military operation? To deport undocumented immigrants? A charitable reading of this is that he meant to say that the operation was being run with military precision. Considering Trump has the verbal acuity of a toddler with severe ADHD, this is not outside the realm of possibility.

On the other hand, Generalissimo Trump likes to envision himself as a strong leader, eager to use America's military power to enforce his will. He "joked" about sending American troops into Mexico to deal with the drug cartels. He "joked" about using American troops to steal Iraq's oil. He said maybe he would send the "Feds" in to end crime in Chicago. He's repeatedly asked about using nuclear weapons. 

It takes little to no imagination to picture Trump demanding the use of the National Guard or the Army to tear apart Latino neighborhoods and families, especially if Congress refuses to approve the massive budget increase required for his "deportation force." It's exactly the kind of heavy-handed abuse that appeals the most to Trump and his hate-filled supporters. His use of the phrase "military operation" feels less like a poorly worded statement and more like a statement of intent.

Trump's slips of the tongue, aside from being a constant source of national humiliation, are terrifyingly revelatory. They show us a man motivated by visions of domination and violence. He delights in his cruelty the way a child enjoys pulling the wings off of flies and now he has the power of the federal government at his disposal. Trump is just getting started and if we don't fight him every step of the way, it won't be long before deportation really does become a military operation.

There are 620 days left to the 2018 elections.

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