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God, I hate this. Let me say that right off the bat. I despise the fact that we're so far down the rabbit hole in terms of what the Trump administration has unleashed on our nation that I'm actually willing to even entertain something I'd normally dismiss as pure conspiracy theory. But when the President of the United States came to power by subtly and not-so-subtly courting a white nationalist agenda, his closest advisor is a white nationalist, neo-Nazi Richard Spencer is a kind of celebrity, David Duke hails the election of Trump, and even Ann Coulter is potentially jumping on the bandwagon and signaling "one of you" to Twitter's white nationalist asshole brigade, is anything beyond the realm of possibility? 

Earlier today, Fact-resistant Donald Trump spinbot Kellyanne Conway retweeted someone who sent her a message of praise, someone with the stupid but seemingly innocent handle "Lib Hypocrisy." In a quote tweet, Kellyanne added her own message back to this person and, subsequently, to her 1.3 million followers on Twitter. Here's that tweet:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 2.35.07 PM

Kellyanne Conway has since deleted the tweet, mostly because, as it turns out, "Lib Hypocrisy" is a Twitter user heavily involved in the white nationalist movement. This person has an emoji representing the ubiquitous Pepe the Frog next to his/her name; the bio on the account contains both #WhiteIdentity and #Nationalist hashtags as well as shout-outs to Dutch nationalist asshole Geert Wilders and Steve Bannon. Media Matters took the time of going through and chronicling some of "Lib Hypocrisy's" various racist, anti-semitic, and xenophobic tweets and retweets, so I'm not going to bother running them down here. 

What I want to focus on is Kellyanne Conway's message to this person. Read it again. If you're someone who understands the coded language of the neo-Nazi movement -- or merely someone who's been forced to bone up on it over the past several months -- it'll jump right out at you. For everyone else: it's the peculiar phrase "Hapless Haters," and the fact that both words are capitalized for no apparent reason. In neo-Nazi parlance, the two letters that begin those words, "HH," hold a special and very obvious meaning. When you see or hear "HH" -- or the number "88," meant to represent HH, as the eighth letter of the alphabet -- in certain circles, it's a safe bet that it translates into "Heil Hitler," a way of secretly communicating white nationalist solidarity. 

So did Kellyanne Conway intend to do just that? Was she merely exploiting Trump's white nationalist fan-base? Was it nothing more than a coincidence? We'll never know. The whole idea of this kind of juvenile "secret code," and of hiding it in a place that's only plain sight to those inclined to get the wink-and-nod, is that it creates plausible deniability among everyone else so that white nationalists can ostensibly move about in civilized society without getting -- oh, I don't know -- punched in the face on a sidewalk. I have no idea whether Conway was signaling to white supremacists with her tweet, but, again, is it really that far-fetched to imagine she was doing exactly that at this point? Seriously?

Now, here's the best part: Conway not only deleted the above tweet, she claims she has no idea who sent it, saying she “did not know who had access to her Twitter account.” Her own Twitter account. "I’ve never heard of Lib Hypocrisy obviously. I denounce whoever it is. I’m going to find out who’s tweeting it. It will be immediately deleted. Everybody makes mistakes,” she tells Buzzfeed. So, yeah, make with all of this what you will. A tweet gets fired off from Kellyanne Conway's account that parrots a white nationalist and maybe, just maybe sends a coded message to that person; it's deleted, because the point is already made to those who will understand it and by deleting it there's no paper trail of responses from satisfied white nationalists; and Conway now claims she has no idea who sent the tweet but she totally denounces white nationalism, you guys. 

By the way, just in case this is the actual goal of all of this, because I would literally put nothing past Kellyanne Conway: No, this won't in any way distract the media from relentlessly hammering Trump on the Flynn/Russia scandal.  

God, I fucking hate this.