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Democrats Demand A Flynn Investigation And Republicans Just Brushed It Off With A Bullsh*t Excuse

The situation is "taking care of itself" so why bother looking into possible treason at the highest levels of government?

Jason Chaffetz is the cherubic looking Utah Republican who chairs the House Oversight Committee. You know, one of several congressional committees that have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours and millions of taxpayer dollars on the seemingly endless persecution of Hillary Clinton. After years of trying to get something to stick against Clinton with zero success, Chaffetz had an easy one dropped in his lap -- an investigation into the Russian ties of now ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. And he did what any good little GOP lapdog would do -- he punted.

Chaffetz told reporters on Tuesday morning that he has no interest in investigating Flynn. Democrats have been demanding that Chaffetz open an investigation, and on Monday the Democratic members of his committee sent him a letter repeating that demand.

"Today, all Democratic Members of the Committee write to you jointly to request that you either reconsider your decision and initiate this investigation, or step aside and allow the Committee to vote on conducting basic oversight going forward," the letter says in part.

Chaffetz' remark on Tuesday that the Flynn situation is "taking care of itself" is in stark contrast to what he was saying a few months ago, when he and most of America expected Hillary Clinton to become the next president. At that time this is what he told CNN:

"I don’t care who is in the White House. My job is not to be a cheerleader for the president. My job is to hold them accountable and to provide that oversight."

Even after Clinton lost the Electoral College vote to Trump, Chaffetz didn't consider that her situation had taken care of itself. On Inauguration Day Chaffetz posted a photo on Instagram of him shaking hands with the candidate. In his comment he noted he was pleased she was not the president, then he said he had wished her luck before concluding his post with "The investigation continues." She was defeated in the election, she is most likely done with government service, and all of the time and money spent on the accusations against her have come to naught. But in her case, "the investigation continues."

On the other side of the Capitol, several GOP senators, led by Missouri's Roy Blunt, have called for an investigation into Trump's potential Russia connections. But whether their calls will push House Republican leaders, who rule over a caucus with more Trump supporters than their Senate counterparts, into action is anybody's guess.

What is more likely to attract Chaffetz' attention is Trump's call to investigate the leaks that are plaguing his administration. On Tuesday morning Trump fired off this tweet:

Now there is an investigation right up Chaffetz' and the GOP's alley. Yes, by all means, let's not worry that we have an administration that for all we know is being controlled by agents of a hostile foreign power. Instead, let's see if we can get to the bottom of who is letting Americans know just how dangerous the clown who inhabits the White House is. Richard Nixon would be so proud.