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We've already established that Donald Trump can't spell. We know that his White House staff can't spell. We even know, as of this past weekend, that the newly Betsy DeVos-helmed U.S. Department of Education can't spell. 

So, with all of that in mind, and with the knowledge that the Idiocracy is firmly upon us, as the Trump White House built its foundation almost exclusively on those with an active hatred of all that elitist book learnin', maybe the image below, the official Donald Trump Inauguration Print, makes perfect sense. 

Maybe nothing could better represent this man and his administration than, well, just take a close look at that quote. Is this a simple typo? A joke? A clever dig at Trump from the folks at the Library of Congress? Did they copy his own words, exactly as written -- one assumes, from a tweet -- to produce this sure-to-be-collector's-item (making this the first presidential inaugural print that's the equivalent of the legendary Billy Ripken "fuck face" baseball card)? 

Honestly, who the hell knows. Just sit back and marvel at how far we are through the looking glass and into this world of damn-near hallucinatory stupidity. I'm kind of blissfully enjoying it at this point. Aren't you, to?   

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