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This won't take long. Some of you might've observed that I've tried really, really hard to avoid criticizing former presidential candidate and Trump enabler, Dr. Stein, or her supporters. I decided shortly after the election to make an effort to pursue unity on the left, so I haven't wasted too much time litigating her role in President Trump's victory. 

After today, I can't remain silent.

As you probably know by now, the U.S. Senate voted 51-50 to confirm Trump's nominee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos. You probably also know that for the first time in American history, Vice President Pence had to go to the Hill to break a 50-50 deadlock. And you probably know that DeVos never attended public school; she has zero regard for lower income students; she's unaware of laws protecting disabled students; she has no experience in government administration; and she thinks schools should have a gun on hand to defend itself again "potential grizzlies."

Your education secretary, ladies and gentlemen.

But for some reason Stein tweeted the following nonsensical message to Senate Democrats:

stein tweet

First of all, the fact that there was a tie on the confirmation vote is unprecedented and speaks to both the resistance as well as the reality that the GOP has yet to untether itself from Trump's worsening madness. Stein, however, thinks it's horrifying that the vote was tied even though this hasn't happened before. So, there's that.

Secondly, and most importantly, Stein seemed to blame the Democrats, and the party's ties to "corporate interests" for the tie vote. This, of course, makes zero sense. Every Democrat voted against DeVos. All of them, plus both independent senators (including Bernie). How are the Democrats to blame for the tie vote? What more could they have done? I mean, you can't blame the Democrats and their "corporate interests" for the DeVos confirmation if they all voted against her.

It seems possible that Stein, like Trump, is operating on a difference plane of reality than the rest of us -- a dimension in which Democrats vote in lockstep against a corporate nominee yet are blamed for confirming the nominee because they take corporate money. This twisted MC Escher version of political strategery she's concocted here might work with her supporters who unthinkingly and reflexively retweet everything she says, but the rest of us are left wondering whether she just had a stroke.

Look, there's enough denial of reality happening on the Trump side of the political ledger. The left has a moral obligation to embrace facts and reality now more than ever. Liberals, progressives and moderates have a responsibility to do so because once we all end up dealing in Trumper fantasy, whining and wishful thinking, then the republic is truly in its final days.