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Lost in the constant assault of mentally unstable blurts from President Trump, news from Japan could portend Trump's first major crisis as leader of the free world. It appears as if the Fukushima nuclear power plant is on the verge of releasing an "unimaginable" amount of radiation -- more than at any point since the 2011 tsunami-induced meltdown there.

The Guardian reports:

The extraordinary radiation readings highlight the scale of the task confronting thousands of workers, as pressure builds on Tepco to begin decommissioning the plant – a process that is expected to take about four decades.

The recent reading, described by some experts as “unimaginable”, is far higher than the previous record of 73 sieverts an hour in that part of the reactor.

Currently, the radiation level inside the No. 2 reactor has reached a breathtaking 530 sieverts an hour. Putting this number into perspective, "a single dose of 10 sieverts would prove fatal within weeks." At some point, the growing radiation inside the reactor could force Tokyo Electric Power to release some of that pressure. Officials also detected a one-meter wide hole in the bottom of the reactor, likely created by the heat of the nuclear fuel.

Now, there doesn't appear to be any immediate danger beyond the radioactive material that's already been dumped into the Pacific Ocean. But imagine if there was a major leak at Fukushima, or even a similar situation at perhaps one of our aging American nuclear power plants. Is there anyone confident enough in Trump's ability to handle such a situation without totally bungling it -- or worse?

He was already a monster, but since the inauguration he's completely losing what was left of his mind.

In the last 48 hours alone, Trump defended Vladimir Putin's lengthy roster of political assassinations by telling Fox News audiences that America is responsible for similar deaths; he attacked George W. Bush appointee Judge James Robart, the “so-called” federal judge who ruled against the president’s Muslim ban (or is it?), preemptively blaming Robart for any future terrorist attacks; he threatened to somehow "de-fund" California -- the entire state; he insisted that any polling data indicating that he's unpopular is clearly fake news; and we learned that Trump signed an executive order placing Steve Bannon on the NSC without actually reading the order first.

Again, all of this news dropped over the weekend -- a weekend in which Trump was technically supposed to be on vacation at Mar-a-lago. 

It's difficult to imagine Trump dealing with any crisis, no matter how minor, in a way that doesn't make matters worse. We're talking about a president who exists on a different plane of existence than the rest of us. In his addled, twisted brain, mysterious enemies are out to skew his poll numbers and strip him of his nonexistent mandate. He can barely read words on a page, and when he does, he doesn't believe any words that contradict the ridiculous notions ricocheting around his skull. Again, Trump thinks he can de-fund California. He thinks the press refuses to cover terrorism. He thinks he can just roll the military into the southside of Chicago. He thinks his Muslim ban is important to prevent another 9/11, Boston, Orlando or San Bernardino -- even though the terrorists in those attacks weren't from nations covered in Trump's ban.

He's out of his mind and he's getting worse. The only thing we can hope for at this point is that he's removed from office and, before then, there's not a major crisis in which lives are at stake.