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Backlash Against Trump's Nazi Followers Is Already Growing

Here beginneth the lesson: America 2017 is not Germany 1933 and we won't let hate fester and grow.
Love Trumps Hate

Over the past couple of weeks, Trump's Nazis supporters have grown bolder in their plans to terrorize the Jewish residents of Whitefish, Montana. After publishing the names, faces and addresses of several Whitefish Jews, Andrew Anglin of the white nationalist website The Daily Stormer started to put together a march "against Jews, Jewish businesses and everyone who supports either" complete with "high-powered rifles" and imported skinheads. The assumption is that with the rise of Trump, white nationalists will be free to terrorize with impunity.

But there's a problem with this plan. Instead of being cowed into submission by the implicit threat of violence, the residents decided that a better response would be "Fuck you, Nazi scumbags." But in a nice way:

Bitterly cold weather Saturday morning did not deter hundreds of people from showing up next to Depot Park to remind the rest of the world that Whitefish is more than a town that, these days, is often identified with a leader of the white nationalist movement.

Speakers spoke, singers sang, dancers danced and children and adults painted signs promoting harmony among the human race at a two-hour event organized by two local women who decided they “needed to do something” in the wake of media coverage that focused on the politics of part-time Whitefish resident Richard Spencer and the so-called alt-right.

The previously planned event grew much larger after Anglin made his threats. Local businesses donated food and hot cocoa in a show of solidarity with their Jewish neighbors. T-shirts promoting love over hate sold out and letters have been pouring in showing support for the targets of the ongoing antisemitic terrorism. 

As we here at the Banter have discussed before, Trump's devotees are laboring under the mistaken belief that they are now free to be assholes; that "political correctness" is dead and they can spew racism and bigotry in public without paying a price for it. In the case of Trump's more virulently hateful followers, they think they're empowered to openly terrorize the people they've hated for so long. And while they may be correct that a Department of Justice led by long-time white supremacist Jeff Sessions will not hold them accountable, that doesn't mean no one will hold them accountable.

A funny thing happened to America since the good ol' days of the KKK chasing millions of black people out of the South: America got a whole lot less white and the kind of racism that used to be acceptable became toxic. There's no turning back the clock to the 1870s. There's no turning it back to even the 1950s. Trump's supporters may think the majority of Americans will tolerate this kind of behavior but those days are long gone.

So when Trump's little Nazi fan club gets it into their collective head to threaten violence against the rest of us, they're going to find a growing number of people showing up to shout them down. And being as they're, at heart, cowards, they'll creep back into the shadows of the internet to rail against how unfair and mean liberals are for not tolerating their intolerance.

The counter-rally in Whitefish is just the beginning of a much larger backlash against the hatred unleashed by Trump. Over 60 million people voted for Trump but that leaves over 250 million million who didn't. There are far more of us than there are of them (which is why Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million). It's going to be lesson hard learned by Trumpsters but America is far too diverse now to put up with this kind of bullshit again.

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