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Love Trumped Hate And The Press Made Sure It Happened

A far cry from the dismissive coverage of Occupy Wall Street.

One of the burning questions over the weekend was how the press was going to respond to the massive Women's March on Washington. Would they mostly ignore it or would they treat it like the Big F*cking Deal that it is? 

This was a bellwether test for the media, a test they failed twice during the Obama administration; first by overcovering the Tea Party and then by undercovering the Occupy movement. It may seem like a million years ago, but the Tea Party took time to build up steam and the press, particularly, Fox News, was more than happy to give them all the air time they wanted. Meanwhile, it took the same press weeks before they started to even pay attention to the Occupy protesters and then only to complain about how awful they were.

So there was always the possibility the "liberal" press would casually dismiss one of the largest, if not the largest, nationwide protests in American history. Fortunately, in the age of Trump, the press appears to be rising to the challenge. Aside from, predictably, Fox News, the march was headline news, receiving day-long coverage from both CNN and MSNBC as well as intense coverage from outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post. CNN even called in its normal weekday line up of hosts to cover the historic event:

In an unusual and aggressive maneuver, CNN aired its regular weekday lineup this Saturday, underscoring heavy interest in breaking news of a series of massive protests by women across the nation in response to Trump’s presidency as well as the new President’s first few days in office. 

Close your eyes for a moment and you can imagine what's going on inside the White House right now...

Trump and his propaganda machine have become used to controlling the media narrative through a combination of manipulation and rank dishonesty and that's in serious danger now. We saw signs of panic in the knee-jerk response on Saturday and Sunday as the administration tried to reassert control and failed spectacularly, in no small part through resistance from the press. If this trend continues, with the press treating the already enormous and growing grassroots movement against the Trump as the actual news it is and blowing off Trump's attempts to rewrite reality, the new administration is going to crash and burn in record time.