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Keith Olbermann Explains Trump's Slimy Plan To Cripple The Press

How to drown out real journalists? Surround them with sycophants.

Keith Olbermann's latest Resistance podcast highlights the ulterior motive for Trump kicking the White House press corps out of the White House and it's continuing a dangerous pattern on Trump's part.

This won't come as a surprise to anyone that's been paying attention to Trump but he is, at his core, a coward. Sure, like every bully he loves to pick on people when he has a huge crowd of supporters to back him up, but take away his moral support and he wilts. Nowhere is this more evident than when Trump deals with the press. During his last press conference, Trump actually had his paid staff come in to act as cheerleaders and hecklers. It was an embarrassing moment for the incoming administration and not a long term solution to Trump's spinelessness.

But once again, Russia has come to the rescue, showing Trump how to deal with the pesky professional press: Instead of holding press conferences in the small James S. Brady press room, his goons are gong to move the press to a much larger venue and invite a lot more reporters. This might seem like it would put even more pressure on Trump with the addition of dozens of journalists but this is the slimy part: They're going to be "reporters" from pro-Trump outlets that have zero journalist integrity.

We can look forward to the real reporters being drowned out by a parade of gibbering white nationalists and other far right buffoons. They'll cheer for their overlord and jeer at legitimate journalists that shout out questions that Trump can't answer (which will be all of them). This is how Putin avoids negative press coverage (also, by killing journalists that anger him) and this is how Trump will do it.

The legitimate press had better be prepared to stand unified in one voice or they won't have a voice at all.

Here's Olbermann doing what he does best:

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