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Trump's Inevitable March to Global Chaos, War and American Decline

We're about to see what a true (accidental) warmonger looks like.
"Mommy? Why did daddy die?" "Because Lichtenstein insulted President Trump's hands, sweetie."

"Mommy? Why did daddy die?" "Because Lichtenstein insulted President Trump's hands, sweetie."

The American Prospect's "Blustering Toward Armageddon" is a disturbing examination of how Donald Trump's arrogance and apelike need for dominance will spell disaster for global stability:

Call it belligerent deterrence: If only we build intimidating military capabilities (“second to none”) and maintain a steady stream of threatening rhetoric about bombing our enemies into oblivion (and waterboarding them if we capture them), we expect challengers to cower in their caves.   

If author Jeremi Suri's summary doesn't immediately summon an image of Trump hollering at a crowd of screaming admirers, you haven't been listening to him talk about our geopolitical adversaries (and worse, our allies). While Trump is not a neo-con in the traditional sense, he will be easily manipulated into doing their bidding. As I previously wrote, a foreign policy based on intimidation and dominance will be irresistible catnip for Trump.

Keeping this obvious truth in mind and combining it with what Suri describes charitably as a lack of interest "in policy detail, expertise, or experience," we're faced with less a set of "what if" scenarios and more "which one will happen first?" The four areas of the world in which Trump's blustering ego will land us in trouble are the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Korea and the South China Sea. Suri's article gives an excellent and distressingly plausible breakdown of how Trump will bumble his way into expensive and bloody wars and you should absolutely take the time to read the entire thing. At the same time, it also serves as a stark reminder that America, whether we like it or not, has been the linchpin to global stability for 70 years.

While many critics on the far left have criticized "American Imperialism," the alternative has been allowing countries like Russia, China and, to a lesser extent, Iran run amok. And although it's true that America is not always a role model of human rights, we are light-years ahead of the other three; with leaders who are actually held accountable to some degree. It may have made the far left feel good to rail against Obama and Clinton as warmongers but now we have Trump. Now we're almost certainly going to find out what a true warmonger looks like as he sends our troops off to pointlessly die just to prove he's the toughest bully on the block.

Hopefully Arlington Cemetery has room for all the dead "heroes" Trump is about to mass produce. And we should all pray that we can pull ourselves back from the abyss that Trump will eagerly steer the country into.

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