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Coward in Chief: Trump Paid Goons To Yell At The Press And Boost His Fragile Ego

How the hell is he going to stare down our enemies if he can't handle CNN?

Nine days before the Trump Crisis becomes official, we were subjected to the spectacle of the incoming president of the United States relying on, in all seriousness, a cheering section to help him face the scary press:

On Wednesday morning, when the president-elect once again faced hundreds of reporters from around the globe gathered in his lobby -- this time for his first press conference in seven months — Trump filled the room with paid staffers who clapped and cheered as he blasted members of the media as purveyors of “fake news.”

It's tempting to pass this off as the same kind of shenanigans we saw during Trump's rallies but it's not. This was not an angry mob of people Trump whipped into a frenzy, this was a crowd of people he paid money to show up and act like a frenzied mob. 

In other words, Trump was too afraid to face the press on his own so he brought his goon squad with him. Think about that for a moment. Trump spends all of his time insisting that he is the toughest guy on the block. A man's man with a dick so big he swings it like a club and all his enemies fall down in shame. Yet, despite being overflowing with machismo, the big bad press with their pointed questions demanding real answers terrified him to the point he couldn't go it alone.

This begs the question: What the hell is he going to do when meeting with Putin, Jinping or even an ally like Merkel? People who are actually leaders possessed of great intellect and personal power? The president of the United States must meet with other world leaders. It's unavoidable. Will Trump have to have Ivanka with him at all times, holding his hand, telling him what to say? Will he try to foist this responsibility off on Mike Pence? Will he have an official "crew" follow him around to yell at people for him?

The truth is that Trump is afraid of being revealed as a dunce which is why he's been avoiding press conferences. It's also why he loathes the press even as he craves the constant attention; they're smarter than he is and everyone knows it. Trump's goon squad is just the latest escalation in Trump's war on a free press he finds threatening. They were there to intimidate and silence the "mean" journalists and if they keep pestering him with hardball questions, he's either going to stop holding press conferences altogether or start making examples of bothersome reporters who won't fall in line. We already know Trump has a lengthy enemies list and now he'll have the power of the United States government to exact his revenge.

In the meantime, we're stuck with a spineless coward as a leader; a bully that needs his "gang" to boost his ego and push around his opponents. There's still a week before the inauguration and Trump has already reduced the presidency to a sad punchline.

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