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Magically, Washington Gridlock Is Now Being Blamed On Democrats For Resisting Trump's Illegitimate Presidency

It was just a matter of time until the double standard started to rear its ugly head.

It's still a few days before Trump takes the oath of office and immediately violates it but we're already seeing the first signs of outrage over Democrats not playing ball. In a eye-popping display of short-term memory, The Washington Post's Abby Phillip had this to say about the ongoing flap between civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis and illegitimate president-elect Trump:

The incident has left Democrats and Republicans bracing themselves for yet another showdown between the president and his political opponents — one that threatens to usher in a new era of the kind of crippling hyper-partisanship that often characterized the eight years of the Obama administration.

Saying this "threatens a new era" of hyper-partisanship implies that the previous era is over. This is a patently ridiculous concept that smacks of the coming double standard that Democrats will be held to. The assumption that the Democratic Party should keep a stiff upper lip in the face of Republican skulduggery rather than respond in kind is a myth that the "liberal" press has been pushing for a very long time and Republicans have happily played into.

Look no further than Mitch McConnell's infuriating claim that "the American people will simply not tolerate" the Democrats blocking Trump's Supreme Court nominee. This he said after blatantly stealing a seat from President Obama, keeping it open for 11 months, the longest a seat has ever been left vacant. In a sane world, McConnell would have been roasted alive by the press for such overwhelming hypocrisy. In a saner world, he would have been already been a flamed crisp for blocking Obama's nominee in the first place. But he wasn't. Instead, the press was more interested in Hillary's emails. Without the press raising a stink about the power grab, the public yawned and ignored it.

The same curious blase attitude towards Republican obstructionism and their constant efforts to delegitimize Obama held true for the last 8 years. IOKIYAR (It's OK If You're A Republican) is the default setting for the media, meaning that Republicans degenerating into a howling mass of Obama and America-hating miscreants just wasn't worth reporting on. But Democrats talking about continuing the gridlock and refusing to acknowledge Trump's self-evidently illegitimate "victory?" Now that's a scandal to write about and Republicans won't stand for it!

It's clear why Republicans need the Democrats to play along: They're about to throw the economy into total chaos, depriving tens of millions of their own voters of their jobs, homes and healthcare and quite probably start a new war or two. And since they're in total control of the government, the only way they'll be able to evade the blame is if the Democrats, even just one, votes with them. The press, addicted to a "both sides" narrative, will be pushing the Democrats to do just that. The pressure will be immense to play nice.

The best way to stop that is to call, write and email your Senators and Representative and tell them that as long as they stand against everything Trump and the Republicans want, they will have your vote. Anything less and they might just cave to the pressure to unilaterally disarm. Republicans were allowed to run rampant over out traditions, common decency and possibly the law and they were rewarded for it. Letting that go unchallenged will only enable them to continue eroding the very foundations of our democracy in their reckless pursuit of power.

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