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Americans Should Refuse to Pay Federal Income Tax if Trump Does Not Release Tax Returns

If the president doesn't pay taxes, why should American citizens?
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While it may seem terrifying that Donald Trump and his cabal of psychopathic henchmen have taken over control of the country, it is always worth remembering that power, as it always has done, resides with the people. The moment people rise up to stop what is effectively a coup, Trump and his administration will be tossed onto the rubbish heap of history and remembered for what they are: an incompetent gang of petty thugs who had no place running a nightclub, let alone the world's largest democracy. 

As it stands, the Trump administration has not felt the full force of people power. While there have been huge protests around the country, legal challenges to Trump's ridiculous executive orders, and relentless attacks from the media, there have been no real threats to Trump's power grab. Given the trajectory of events this past week and a half, it is likely only a matter of time until the mass demonstrations take on an entirely different nature. Trump will use all of his considerable power to fight back, and it could get incredibly nasty. 

There is a huge protest planned for tax day on April 15th in order to shame Trump into releasing his returns -- an issue he and Kellyanne Conway claim people don't care about. Well, they do, and Trump will find out just how much they care when people take to the streets in April.  

While physical protesting is definitely a very effective way of getting across a message, money is an even more efficient way of making a point. And that is why Americans should threaten not to pay Donald Trump and his administration's salary when their taxes are due by withholding money designated to the federal government. 

This isn't an explicit call for people to not pay their taxes, but rather a way of leveraging people power and letting Trump know that those opposed to his tax evasion and murky business dealings can be equally as stubborn. California is already mulling the use of non-tax compliance to threaten the Trump administration over pulling funding for sanctuary cities, and there is no reason why Americans around the country cannot do the same thing. While the penalty for not paying federal income tax could potentially result in prison time, the Trump administration won't be able to arrest the 65 million Americans who did not vote for this administration. 

If Trump wants the federal government properly funded so that he can lead the country effectively, he'll have to release his tax returns to the American public. This isn't unreasonable as Americans ought to know whether their president has a) paid taxes, and b) has any business conflicts of interest. 

It is always worth remembering that politicians work for the people, and not the other way around. Americans pay Donald Trump's salary and pay to keep him and his family safe. They also pay for the infrastructure he now controls, and should have a say in how their money is spent. And if he continues to insult their intelligence by not allowing them to see his own contributions to the country, then they are well within their rights to stop paying him.