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Lawrence O'Donnell's Deceptively Powerful Message to The Media

"If we call a lie anything but a lie, then we become the liars."
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Yesterday, Lawrence O'Donnell tweeted out a very simple message to his colleagues in the media reminding them of their job going forward:

O'Donnell's simple message is an incredibly important one, and if the media fails to hold Donald Trump accountable for his incessant lying, they will be complicit in everything he does. 

Donald Trump is not presenting "alternate facts", is not making "false statements" and isn't just saying "what he believes". Donald Trump is lying. And he is lying on a daily basis on everything from the size of his inauguration crowd to the fictional illegal voters who handed Hillary Clinton her overwhelming victory. Trump even lied about the weather at his inauguration -- a lie so easily disprovable that one genuinely wonders about his mental health

It is not enough to call these statements "misleading" to avoid an all out war with the Trump administration. They must be called lies to their faces at every single opportunity. And if they are not, Trump and his administration will continue to create their own fictional reality safe in the knowledge that they will never be held accountable for it. And as O'Donnell says, the media then become liars too.