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Kellyanne Conway: I Have Secret Service Protection Because Of The Media

Yes, because the media controls what comes out of her mouth.

The most important aspect of American democracy is our free press. In fact, it is so important that the founding fathers addressed it in the very first amendment to the Bill of Rights. Without journalists checking our government officials, they would never be held accountable and our democracy would be dead. That is why it is so terrifying that the new administration is constantly trying to delegitimize the media and on Monday night, that is exactly what Kellyanne Conway did. 

During an interview with Fox's Sean Hannity, Conway went on a tirade about how unfairly the press is treating President Trump. She claimed that an inaccurate report from a press pool journalist (which he later apologized for) about the Martin Luther King, Jr. bust being removed from the Oval Office is evidence that the media is trying to portray the president as "racist," completely ignoring the many inflammatory (i.e. racist) statements Trump has made. Conway told Hannity that she will not name the reporter who made the mistake because she doesn't want him to be harassed like she has been--and then blamed the journalist and his colleagues for that harassment:

“I don't say his name publicly because I don't want him to get attacked like I do. Because of what the press is doing now to me, I have secret service protection,” she said. “We have packages delivered to my house with white substances. That is a shame and yes I hold him to account for it.”  

Ironically, as Conway was pretending that the media wants to hurt her, a report was breaking that she allegedly punched someone in the face three times at an inaugural ball. And although that would make her a "big league" hypocrite, it still doesn't excuse people who may have threatened her family. 

The bigger issue here, however, is her complete inability to take responsibility for her own actions, just like her boss. Conway thinks that nobody in the Trump administration should be held accountable for the divisive rhetoric and "alternative facts" that have put millions of people in real danger from Trump's own violent supporters. They have instead opted to blame everyone under the sun for the consequences they face as a result and for some reason they expect the press to just fawn all over them. 

It is not the media's job to make the Trump administration look good. Journalists do not have a right to withhold information from the American people just because it makes the president and his team look like a group of ignorant bullies who have no business in government. If Conway and the grifter-in-chief want favorable news coverage, perhaps they should start behaving like decent human beings. We wouldn't have to spend 500 words informing the public of their most recent screw up if they stopped giving us so much to work with. It's really that simple. 

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