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Desperate For A Staff, Trump Forced To Swallow His Pride And Ask 50 Obama People To Stay

Well, that's embarrassing.

For months now Washington has been abuzz with reports that President-elect Trump is having a tough time finding people to work for him. However, according to a recent report in The Hill, Trump has managed to fill 50 staff positions, but he didn't do it by sifting through applications:

President-elect Donald Trump has asked roughly 50 senior Obama administration officials to remain in their roles in order to "ensure the continuity of government," spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday.

According to Spicer, some of the people who will be staying on are key members of Obama's national security team like Brett McGurk and Robert Work. McGurk is special envoy to the global coalition to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq and Work is deputy Defense secretary. The decision to keep Obama's security advisers is ironic given the fact that Trump has slammed the way the president has handled the fight against terrorism at every opportunity and has even called him "the founder of ISIS."

Also staying on are Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Adam Szubin, Director of the White House Military Office Dabney Kern, National Counterterrorism Center head Nick Rasmussen, Treasury undersecretary Cody Kinsley, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Tom Shannon and Chuck Rosenberg, acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

When asked about the Obama appointees staying on, Sean Spicer said,"What we’ve ensured is that, for the time being, we’ve got a team in place that will continue to advise him and make sure that the country remains safe and that our priorities will be carried out."

Of the 690 administration positions that need to be confirmed by the Senate, only 29 have been named, reflecting poorly on Trump and his transition team's ability to govern. Spicer, however, claims that's not Trump's fault and instead blames Democrats saying they are slow.

It isn't exactly surprising news since the bombastic self-proclaimed billionaire has embroiled in about 7,000 blood feuds instead of working but it's embarrassing nonetheless. Although it isn't uncommon for some of the previous administration's staff to stay on, it is a bit hypocritical in this case. Trump ran for president on the platform that he was going to "drain the swamp" and put people to work. Instead, he is keeping his administration swampy and has had to ask Obama's people to stay because he nobody likes him. That must be a tough pill to swallow for someone who has such a high opinion of himself.

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