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Donald Trump is an idiot. He's an ignorant buffoon whose lack of knowledge is matched by a profound arrogance that makes him believe he's actually brilliant and therefore also by a complete lack of desire to learn what he doesn't know. Whenever he's pressed on a subject that isn't him personally or at the very least something that interests him, Trump speaks in laughable vagaries, dancing around the answer like the classroom idiot who's trying to bullshit his way through an oral report on a book he never bothered to read. He rarely has a direct answer to anything because he rarely knows the answer because he rarely has any idea what the details of any subject even are.

This morning, as anyone could have anticipated because we've seen it so many times before, Trump lashed out like a child at a perceived slight. As usual, he did it on Twitter, a platform often used by 15-year-olds to defend Zayn Malik from haters. This time, Trump's target was U.S. congressman and civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis. Much like the time Trump decided it was wise to get into a public fight with the Gold Star family of American soldier Humayun Khan -- and to a lesser extent, former Miss Venezuela Alicia Machado -- he showed us yet another example of his complete lack of impulse control, picking a fight he couldn't possibly win and one that would in the end damage him more than it would his supposed adversary.

It all began yesterday, when Lewis, during an interview, said that given that evidence is piling up that Russia influenced the election and has compromised Trump, Trump's presidency is "illegitimate." Strong words, sure, but there's a way to respond and a way not to respond. Trump could have done what Republican senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska did and been respectful while reaching out and asking for unity. Or he could've said nothing at all. (Imagine that for a moment.) But this is less a grown man than an angry toddler we're talking about here, so, of course, Trump did exactly the opposite of those two things. And so, predictably, this morning we got this...   

Now it took all of thirty seconds for every decent person in America to remind Trump, a puffy, manicured, silver spoon-fed crybaby, that while he was dodging the Vietnam draft, John Lewis was marching with Dr. Martin Luther King and getting beat down by police over and over again as he fought for civil rights. There's no better example of somebody who's "action" as opposed to "talk" than John Lewis, just like there's literally no one on this earth who's a better example of "talk" as opposed to "action" than Donald fucking Trump. Alas, here we are, with the President-elect of the United States, a man coming into office under a cloud of scandal, having been beaten soundly in the popular vote, and with the worst approval ratings in modern history, insulting a goddamn patriot because he hurt the baby's feelings.

But let's take a second to look at exactly the kind of insult Trump lobbed at Lewis. He called his district "horrible," "falling apart" and "crime infested." This probably won't surprise anyone who's familiar with Trump's bullshit, but nothing about this is even remotely true. It's not even a matter of opinion. Trump's comments are provably false. Lewis's district is home to some of the most upscale areas of Atlanta, a city which, if you've ever visited or lived there, you know is damn nice and certainly doesn't suffer from an overabundance of crime. And yet Trump attacked it as if it were some kind of war zone. The reason for this, of course, is to some extent Trump's inherent racism: He automatically believes that a black civil rights leader's congressional district must be, you know, the ghetto. 

But this probably goes a little deeper even than that. In keeping with Trump's complete ignorance, it's a safe bet that Trump had no idea what Lewis's district even was when he leveled the insult. Guaranteed that if, as he was typing that tweet out on his phone with his stumpy orange fingers, you asked him exactly where John Lewis's district was located -- hell, even what state Lewis was a congressman in -- he wouldn't have been able to tell you. Again, he either just assumed Lewis's district was filled with black people and was therefore a hellscape or, because he's so easily provoked to lash out in the ugliest possible way -- because he's a child -- he said something out and out wrong. 

Either way, Trump likely had no idea what he was talking about when he banged out the pissy little tweet. But then again, that's nothing new. Because Donald Trump is an idiot.