"As I watched the president's farewell address in Chicago Tuesday night, I thought about how lucky we'll be if we see a president of Obama's quality ever again, knowing that a colossal bag of gargoyles, complete with yellow hair and anus mouths, has been released into the world with little hope that we can herd them safely back into captivity."

Nearly ten years ago, on December 19. 2007, I published my official endorsement of Barack Obama. For much of the previous year, I assumed Hillary Clinton would be the nominee (early shades of 2015-16's conventional wisdom). She was safely ahead in the polls and even the Republicans were prepping to face Hillary in the general. It was Hillary's time, I thought, so I better wrap my head around the idea of more Clintons. But then I watched then-Senator Obama's Jefferson-Jackson speech in Iowa, delivered without a prompter (one of the rules of the event). Politically speaking, it was a mind-blowing experience....

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