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Trump Rages At Intelligence Agencies Over "Golden Shower" Scandal: "Are We Living In Nazi Germany?"

Trump's willingness to attack our intelligence agencies is putting the lives of Americans in grave danger.
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On Tuesday evening, CNN and Buzzfeed reported on allegations that Russia has a file of compromising information on PEOTUS Donald Trump that could be used to blackmail him in the future. The reports included allegations that he hired Russian prostitutes to perform strange sexual acts in a Moscow hotel room. Shortly after the news broke, Trump lashed out on Twitter, calling the reports "fake news." That should have been that, but the PEOTUS has a hard time letting things go.

On Wednesday morning, Trump sent out a series of angry tweets. The self-proclaimed billionaire claimed the bombshells were absolutely false because Russia says so and eventually escalated his outrage to the point where he said American intelligence agencies are comparable to "Nazi Germany":

Russia did deny the allegations but how likely is it that a foreign government would admit they had a file of dirt on the incoming president? Trump continues dig the hole deeper by blatantly lying about his connections to Russia.

Yet, in 2008, Donald Trump Jr. was at a real estate conference and said,"Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets...We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia." Additionally, Trump was paid $14 million to hold his 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. So, even if he does not have deals in the country right now --which we don't know because we haven't seen his taxes or a full disclosure of his business dealings--he has had them at one time. A lot of them. For a lot of money. A great deal of it illegal.

Anyway, back to his Twitter rant that, of course, included gratuitous self-ego-gratification before the hysteria filled climax:

All morning, the Trump team has been denying that there was ever any discussion about an embarrassing Russian file on the PEOTUS. However, his final tweet contradicts that. He basically says the intelligence agencies had this information but it's "fake" and he verifies that it was leaked. Then in an attempt to protect himself from the questions related to the leaked report, he claims that the intelligence agencies are targeting him like the Nazis targeted Jews during WWII. Because in Trump's mind, embarrassing leaked information is exactly the same as killing millions of people. 

Trump's willingness to attack our intelligence agencies when they gather information that he does not want Americans to know is terrifying. In a little over a week he will have to work with these people in order to keep us safe from global threats, but how is he supposed to do that when he is so quick to undercut their work? If he refuses to listen to the intel from these men and women because of a personal vendetta, it is likely that we will suffer the kind 9/11-esque terrorist attacks that President Obama's administration has been able to avoid for eight years.