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Kellyanne Conway: Stop Listening To The Horrible Things Trump Says And "Look What's In His Heart"

Yes, she actually said that.

On Monday morning, President-elect Donald Trump's favorite spin doctor, Kellyanne Conway, made a complete fool of herself on CNN's New Day. During a discussion about Russia's election hacking, the former Trump campaign manager deflected questions about the PEOTUS' Putin love and began talking actress Meryl Streep instead--and it all went downhill from there.

During an acceptance speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday evening, Streep slammed Trump for his attacks on a disabled reporter during the election. Trump then sought out his favorite news outlet, Twitter, and insulted the actress while making excuses for his indefensible actions during the campaign. The PEOTUS claimed he never mocked the reporter's disability, but instead "showed him groveling" after the reporter allegedly changed a 16-year-old story about him. And during her appearance on New Day Conway repeated her boss' obvious lie in an attempt to trash Streep's speech the night before.

When host Chris Cuomo refused to accept her bullshit excuse because, well, Trump's despicable actions were on video, Conway lashed out and said what is, by far, the stupidest thing we have ever heard:

"You always wanna go by what's come out of his mouth rather than look what's in his heart."

Yes, yes that is exactly what the media is supposed to do: report facts, not feelings. Conway can make as many excuses as she wants but it will not change the fact that her boss made fun of a disabled reporter during a televised speech. And the citizens of this country, whether they are movie stars or not, have every right to talk about that. Trump and his team, however, don't understand that and part of the reason they are so angry about it is because the media has coddled them for far too long.

For nearly two years Trump has bullied the media into silence and it is, in part, why he was elected. While they called him out sometimes, it was never with the same viciousness they did when they talked about Hillary Clinton's emails day and night. And it is for that reason that Conway thought she could go on television and tell a reporter that they should listen to his heart like she was writing some kind of sappy love song. Fortunately Cuomo wasn't buying what she was selling and nailed her to the wall.