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Republicans Should Be Very Afraid After Trump Hijacks The Ohio GOP

Is Trump just taking his revenge against his enemies in the party or is this the start of something much worse?
Donald Trump

1...2...Donnie's coming for you...

On Friday, Trump personally intervened to oust Matt Borges, the head of the Ohio state Republican Party. This should be raising a red flag for Republicans because Borges was actually quite good at his job. Ohio has been almost totally controlled by Republicans for years. So why oust such a clearly competent leader?

Because he was loyal to Governor John Kasich and not Donald Trump.

According to Politico, Kasich continued to back Borges even as pressure mounted to replace him for his refusal to openly support Trump during the election. Some party officials are suggesting that it was necessary for the state party to be on the good side of the White House but Trump's personal involvement suggests something very different.

Trump has repeatedly shown that his overriding concern is fealty to the crown. Period. Competence is a distant second consideration and ideological adherence isn't even in the running. You must be loyal to Trump or willing to do his bidding or you are threat to be destroyed. With the previous purge of Chris Christie's people and now Kasich's, Republicans should be alarmed that Trump is going to make himself the only permissible center of power.

Turning a national political party into a cult of personality is suicidal in the extreme. That kind of mentality leads to brain drain as the capable are driven out in favor of sycophants. Beyond that, such an arrangement rarely survives the reign of the generalissimo. Once Trump quits/loses in 2020/dies from too much fast food/gets impeached/is assassinated by Russia, the power vacuum will tear the party apart. Think Mad Max but not as civilized.

Unfortunately for Republicans, they are too afraid of Trump to offer up any kind of real resistance as he starts removing those he deems enemies of the state. It's Trump's party now and Republicans are going to pay the price for their cowardice and opportunism in the near future. Too bad the country has to suffer along with them.