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Trump Chokes on Mexico Wall, Wants American Tax Payers to Fund it Instead

This is Trump's amateurish attempt at passing the buck to Republicans in Congress -- a move so transparent and childish that only Trump expects it to work.
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Tough guy Donald Trump told his supporters that in no uncertain terms that he was going to build a wall to keep dirty Mexicans out of America should he become president. Not only that, he would make Mexico pay for the wall, because that's what tough guys do.

Trumps supporters, giddy with the prospect of bullying a weaker country full of brown people lapped it up and swept him into office believing their guy would keep his promise. Except of course, he wouldn't. 

Before his presidency has even begun, Trump has now declared that US tax payers will foot the bill for the building of the wall. CNN reported yesterday:

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has signaled to congressional Republican leaders that his preference is to fund the border wall through the appropriations process as soon as April, according to House Republican officials.

Trump took to Twitter to refute the report, claiming he would get Mexico to reimburse Congress after 'The Great Wall' has been built:  

This basically means that Donald Trump never had any intention of building a wall to keep Mexicans out, and has been figuring out a way to get out of one of his key campaign promises. He knows full well Mexico won't pay for the wall before, or after it is built, and knows there is almost no chance Congress will authorize him to spend tax payers money on the ludicrous project unless there is a guarantee from Mexico's president, Peña Nieto. Should Trump try to get the tax payers to fund the wall without any guarantee, The Great Wall will become his Great Political Albatross. This is Trump's amateurish attempt at passing the buck to Republicans in Congress -- a move so transparent and childish that only Trump expects it to work. 

It remains to be seen how quickly his supporters turn against him after he walks back his key campaign promises, but given he likely won't touch Obamacare and won't build his signature 'Great Wall', his political honeymoon will be over before he is sworn in as president.