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When Trump Starts Boasting About "His" Terrific Economy, He's A Lying Rat Bastard And Here's The Proof

No rewriting history for you, Trumplethinskin.
Would I lie to you?

Would I lie to you?

Today was the last jobs report of Obama's presidency. Despite 8 straight years of Fox News, Republicans and AM Hate Radio telling us that the economy was on the brink of total collapse, it's pretty darn healthy. That means when the next jobs report comes out in February, the right, which has been insisting Obama "cooked the books" on employment will "suddenly" discover that everything is just peachy.

But when Trump inevitably tweets about how amazing "his" economy is, remember this graph:


That's from the White House's official Twitter account and normally it would be a direct link but there's a good possibility that tweet will "disappear" some time after Jan. 20. It's also more than likely you will not see Trump's White House continue this particular graph. The last thing they want is to remind people of how Obama handed over a stable and healthy economy.

According in Vox, since the beginning of Obama's presidency, we've:

  • Added an average of 66,000 jobs per month, a distinctly unimpressive number due to the massive job losses in the first 18 months of his tenure. In Obama’s second term, the economy added 211,000 jobs per month.
  • Increased average hourly wages by $4.
  • Had the unemployment rate fall from 7.8 percent to 4.7 percent.

Once Obama's job-killing, liberty-destroying, freedom-hating agenda of cleaning up Wall Street's and the Republican's messes and stabilizing the economy kicked in, we went from hemorrhaging almost one million jobs a month to 82 consecutive months of job growth. That's not a typo.  That's 6 years and 8 months, a historical record for the nation.

That's all going to end and probably more quickly than we think. It's easier to destroy than to create and Republicans are already hard at work destroying the stability Obama created. 

With an actual job killing agenda of massive tax cuts for the rich, defunding Planned Parenthood just for fun, increasing military spending, starting a war or two (unpaid for, of course), stripping Medicaid and health insurance from millions of people and possibly sacrificing a truckload of puppies to Grover Norquist, Republicans and Trump are poised to send us screaming into another recession. Why? Because the American people are fundamentally stupid and didn't learn their lesson from the distant past of one decade ago. You remember what happened the last time we allowed the GOP to carry out their economic agenda, right? Get ready for that on steroids.

And when the economy heads for the gutter, remember the chart above. Pull it out and show it to every right winger who blames Obama/China/immigrants/gay people for the coming economic pain. Remind them that despite Trump's lies, under Obama we had steady job growth and a stable economy run by adults. They wanted Trump to "shake things up" so now they have to own their suffering and take the blame for ours.