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So yesterday, Senate Majority Leader and molting turtle Mitch McConnell struck out hard against Chuck Schumer's promise to fight any Donald Trump Supreme Court pick that's out of the mainstream. Schumer's vow is shockingly benign when you consider that, given that this is Trump we're talking about, what he's saying basically amounts to, "If he picks Meatloaf, we'll raise a bit of a stink." Still, in keeping with GOP politics being the surrealist joke punchline that they are, McConnell had to respond indignantly. And holy shit did he, ridiculing Schumer for implying that the current high court vacancy will "never" be filled and insisting that "the American people will simply not tolerate" the extended blocking of a Supreme Court nominee by one political party.

Jesus fucking Christ, just take a step back and ponder for a moment what it takes to stand up in front of the entire country and pretend you didn't say the thing you said just earlier this year. The rank hypocrisy it takes to insist that "the American people" suddenly won't tolerate the very thing you've been doing for months. The unfathomable, breathtaking, staggering lack of even an ounce of shame you'd have to have to say, after Republicans had publicly looked for ways to not ever confirm a potential Hillary Clinton Supreme Court nominee, that fighting a Trump nominee is somehow beyond the pale. McConnell is one of the most loathsome creatures lurking the halls of Congress, but even despite his impressive history of bullshit double-talk and the belief that the end justifies the means (as long as the end is power) this is virgin territory for him.

The GOP has pulled this kind of crap for years, but Trump has ushered in a whole new era of shamelessness. Put simply, they just don't care anymore whether their positions reveal hypocrisy or their statements are 100% nonsense. Trump has loosed the Republican id and, guaranteed, you're going to be seeing more and more examples of McConnell and his ilk just disregarding reality, now that Trump has shown them that there's no need to adhere to it. Every single thing that drops your jaw and leaves you saying, "How the fuck can they get away with this," is going to provoke little more than a shrug from them. Without even a hint of irony, the Senate Majority Leader literally just said that the very thing the GOP has been doing for months and was planning to keep on doing is intolerable to you, as an American. 

And he doesn't care one bit that this makes him a relentlessly corrupt piece of shit.