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Trump's Incompetence Is Already Dangerously Crippling National Security

Our best and brightest to Trump: "It's not us, it's you."
Doanld Trump Courtesy Gage Skidmore

What, Me Worry?

In what appears to be an "unpresidented" mass desertion, several dozen (if not more) of the roughly 400 junior-level staffers at the vitally important National Security Council are putting in transfer requests ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration.

As opposed to the politically appointed senior staff who generally resign when a new administration takes over, the junior level staff generally stays. But with Trump's pick of lunatic/retired general Michael Flynn to head the council, a large enough group wants out that, "there is concern there will be a half-empty NSC by the time the new administration arrives".

If you're a bit fuzzy on what the National Security Council is, they're the group that analyzes the enormously complex world of international relations and tries to spot trouble before it knocks on our front door. Losing several of the people charged with detecting threats ahead of time is bad. Losing dozens or hundreds is disastrous. It takes years to replace that kind of experience and knowledge. But Michael Flynn is a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist that will be champing at the bit to kill Muslims over the slightest provocation. Under his "leadership", the NSC will become an echo chamber clamoring for war and bloodshed. Can you blame the rank and file for stampeding the exits?

Even worse, Trump's NSC transition team has become an extension of their bosses unwillingness to take national security seriously:

The official added that the “landing team” sent to the NSC – Trump representatives who are supposed to prepare for the handover to Trump appointees – have been focused on issues of process and how the office functions, rather than issues of substance involving an explanation of current national security threats and the state of the world the new administration will inherit.

If this sounds familiar, it should. Back in January of 2001, Bill Clinton's counter-terrorism expert, Richard Clarke, begged the Bush administration to take bin Laden and al Qaeda seriously but was ignored for months. Now we're seeing the same kind of negligence again but worse. Bush and co. ignored al Qaeda. Trump and co. are ignoring everything because Trump is, like, a smart person.

Unfortunately, this brain drain at the NSC leaves the United States vulnerable at the exact time that hostile actors will be looking to test the new (illegitimate) president. Trump's need to surround himself with loyalists that will tell him only what he wants to hear instead of the most qualified people he can find is placing us all at risk. The question is no longer if Trump's incompetence will get Americans killed, but when.

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