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Lowering The Bar: The Media is Already Abandoning Standards They Set For Obama

We can't expect Trump to act like a president, right? That's just not fair!

Eric Boehlert of Media Matters for America called out CNN's Dana Bash and reminded us of how Obama was expected to coddle Republicans while pointing out how unlikely it seems that the same will be demanded of Donald:

It's hard to disagree with Boehlert's assertion here. The press foamed at the mouth over Obama allegedly not trying hard enough to suck up to Republicans after crushing them in 2008. Curiously, his inability to get Republicans on board with anything he wanted to do was seen as a failure on his part.

Even after the nation found out that Republicans had literally plotted to obstruct Obama at all costs, the conventional wisdom was that Obama just didn't try hard enough to compromise with them. You may recall feeling a sense of unreality at the time as the left was concerned that Obama was trying too hard to compromise with a party dead set on destroying him. 

Now, Donald is the president-elect and, surprise!, bipartisanship? What's that? If Bash is a bellwether, we can expect the press to yawn over Donald setting the expected olive branch on fire. And this is after squeaking out an Electoral College win but getting crushed in the popular vote. Oh, and let's not forget that the "winning" candidate's party lost seats in both the House and the Senate, an historical anomaly. If a Democrat won under these circumstances, the press would be howling for them to appease the Republicans.

But these are the same "professionally neutral" journalists that couldn't seem to muster any indignation over Republicans breaking the government. They best they could do was chide both sides for not getting along; the journalistic equivalent of blaming the victim for their own rape.

IOKIYAR, "It's OK If You're A Republican", was supposed to be an ironic comment on conservative hypocrisy but it's somehow morphed into a guiding principle of conservative press coverage. Unless the "liberal" media starts holding Donald to the same standards as they did Obama, we're going to be in a lot of trouble as a country.